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    Siba's Home Page
(Mainly in Bosnian language)

This site is dedicated to our dear friend Mr. Nesib Subasic, known as Siba. Siba is member founder of MEDEX Mine Awareness Camp for Children. He is also a local war hero, humanitarian worker and altruistic person.

Novi Travnik Home Page
(Mainly in Bosnian language)

This site is dedicated to our home town, Novi Travnik and citizens of the town. in Bosnian)

Postage Stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(This site is still under construction)

This site containing some pictures of the Bosnian post stamps issued in 1995 and 1996 year.


This is the home page of Children's Aid Direct
They are doing a great job in Bosnia.

Added: 07. January 1998


Links to landmine associated sites



United Nation have a huge site dedicated to land mines. The address is:

Added: 17.12.1997

    A postage stamp dedicated to mine awareness is issued in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Added: 18.12.1997

    The GINIE, Land Mine Awareness Education (LMAE) program is a place for the worldwide experts to exchange ideas, discuss their work experiences, and collaborate in order to enhance the ways of dealing with this issues.

Added: 22.12.1997



Landmine Program Home Page, including pictures and description of many common antipersonnel mines.

Added: 02. Jan. 1998

      Canadian Consulate General of Chicago

has a links page to Webpages with information on landmines at the address:

Added: 11. Jan. 1998




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