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Budget (click on this to see Attached Schedule)
Application for funding
1st April 1997-31st March 1998


1. Project Overview
During the recent conflict in former Yugoslavia, millions of mines were seeded into the Bosnian countryside, each one a potential killer. In addition to this there is a significant amount of unexploded ordnance (UXO) also hidden and also very deadly. Medex, a local nongovermental organization (NGO), will bring children from all over Bosnia to their mine awareness camp in Central Bosnia for professional tuition in mine and UXO awareness.

2. Background of Local NGO Medex
Medex originally found its roots as the mountaineering society of Novi Travnik. It was formed in 1968 and its membership list included people from all ages and ethnic backgrounds. During the recent war, Novi Travnik was torn apart with Muslims one side and Croats on the other. When the hostilities between these two entities ceased in April 1994, the mountaineering society invited all its past and present members from both sides to its annual celebration day in the mountains. Many people from both sides and some international NGO's attended and the day was an unprecedented success.
In the Summer of 1994 in the wake of increasing incidents of mine injuries and fatalities particularly among children, the mountaineering society decided to form a local NGO to combat the problem. The NGO, called Medex, was first registered with the Government in August 1994. Medex first brought children to its mine awareness camp in May 1996.

3. Partner NGO
ICRC, the leading NGO on the world's mine problem has helped financially and with equipment to set up the camp. In addition to this stable partner NGO, many other international NGO's and organizations have supported Medex on an ad hoc basis.

4. Justification for Project
Since the signing of the Dayton Agreement and the end to hostilities, many people have been able to return to their homes and farms. Unfortunately there are few places in Bosnia where it is certain there are no mines and as people returned to their land the frequency of mine and UXO incidents increased, particularly among unsuspecting children.
ICRC carried out a mine and UXO incidents study in 1996. The study did not cover all cantons or indeed any of Republika Srpska but recorded 312 separate incidents over 11 months, resulting in more than 120 deaths and more than 200 amputations, a significant portion of which were children. The study was not complete but can be used as a minimum figure with the true figure as much as three times higher.
UNMAC, the UN's mine awareness centre in Sarajevo estimate that even these figures will more than double in 1997 as more refugees return from their counties of asylum.
SFOR estimate there are between 1-3 million mines littered in the Bosnian countryside with as many as 50% of them in unmarked sites. They estimate that a concerted effort, far in excess of what is in operation today, to find and deactivate only 90% of them would take several years.

5. Beneficiary Group-
Bosnian children aged between 8 - 18 years from all ethnic backgrounds.

6. Target Area
All cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina including Repubika Srpska.

7. Project Objective
The main project objective is to provide all children with professional instruction in mine and UXO awareness.

8. Project Implementation
The Medex mine awareness camp for children is located in the mountains between Novi Travnik and Gornji Vakuf. Its geographical central location facilitates visits from all areas. Children are invited as classes from schools, youth centres, youth groups, children's homes and orphanages. The camp has a capacity of sixty children which means more than 3000 children a year can benefit. The children stay for six days.
During their stay they will have lessons on:

i) Mine and UXO awareness
ii) First aid
iii) Social and ethnic tolerance
iv) Respect for the countryside

Recreational activities will include:
i) Hill walking
ii) Swimming
iii) Various sports (Football, volleyball etc.)
iv) Skiing (Winter)

It is the aim of Medex to make the camp as enjoyable as possible for the children whilst at the same time they are learning. Indeed for many of the children it will be their first break since the beginning of the war. However, Medex is not a holiday camp and apart from the tuition the children will be expected to take part in the running of the camp including fetching wood, washing up, helping to prepare meals etc.
At the end of the week the children will have a short written test.
In 1996, Medex carried out a prototype operation to ascertain the demand for this type of project. Using tents, equipment and food from International Organisations, the Medex mine awareness camp had 720 children pass through from all over Bosnia. None of these children have subsequently been involved in mine incidents.
Unfortunately due to lack of funds most of these organizations are unable to help this year and if the camp and its life saving work are to continue a donor must be found.

Medex estimates the need for this project for the next two to three years.

9. Budget (click on this to see Attached Schedule)

Application for funding 1st April 1997 - 31st March 1998

Total required ECU 206.974.4

Signed Adem Kuric
Chairman Executive Committee

In Novi Travnik, 20th March 1997


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