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Welcome to Left Justified!

Why I started Left Justified.
Learn more about Left Justified's mascot! New!

The latest news on progressive issues.
A look at the Far Right, including links to Right Wing Groups.

A Left-Right Debate - For my next death defying act, I'll take on an actual conservative.
The Smothermon Report - Get caught up on the movement to defeat Ernest Istook.
The Left Justified Religious Right TV Operation Guide - An alternative to messy boycotts.
The Hall of Shame - Conservatives say the darndest things!
Lefty's Top Dog Award - Apply for Lefty's award for progressive sites. New!

Links to activist organizations and socially responsible businesses. Add your own links, too!

My take on current events.

Folk and alternative rock links, CD reviews and a searchable concert calendar.
Some of my other favorite links.

Meet the Left Justified webmaster.
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