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Collective Action Notes is a publication from Baltimore which documents and discusses different struggles (strikes, occupations, etc.) world-wide. We are interested in understanding class struggle and the different forms it takes in the present period, forms ranging from overt and highly visible struggles such as the French public sector strike wave in the winter of 1995 to more 'hidden ' forms of class struggle such as absenteeism. sabotage (broadly defined ), etc.

In addition to the Struggle Roundup, which carries brief information about strikes and other struggles worldwide grouped by individual countries, CAN also carries more in-depth reports whenever possible on struggles and social conditions in different parts of the world which are sent in by various correspondents. Book, pamphlet and Web site reviews are also featured.

Loosely, it could be said CAN is sympathetic to issues of worker's autonomy and self-activity. Although no formally agreed upon political perspective exists at the present point, probably most participants would define themselves in one way or another as being critical of the traditional left, and close to class struggle anarchist/council communist views, again without being obsessed by old ideologies or labels (such as the historical divide between anarchism and marxism), which in most cases have been superceded by capitalist development itself.

CAN cooperates informally with the Echanges et Mouvement network in Paris. We also produce pamphlets and distribute literature and texts on computer disk by other non-U.S. based groups. Our most recent pamphlet is "From The Bottom Up", a collection of short articles by Anton Pannekoek. Write for a free sample issue.

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Check back regularly to this page as we have dozens of more documents we hope to upload shortly

NEW:October 1998 - "Wage Workers Self-Activity" - KK/Collectivities

Some Thought On Organization - Henri Simon (1979)

The New Movement - Henri Simon (1974)

"A Ballad Against Work"(1996)

"Myths Of Dispersed Fordism" - Echanges (1990)

"Mexico is Not Only Chiapas Nor The Rebellion In Chiapas Only A Mexican Affair" - TPTG (1993)

"Goodbye To The Unions - A Controversy About Autonomous Class Struggle In Great Britain"(1990)

"Third Camp Internationalists In World War 2" - Pierre Lannert (197?)

Communism Is The Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today - Loren Goldner

Reflections on Marx's Critique of Political Economy (Kamunist Kranti)(1997)


"Why Past Revolutionary Movements Have Failed" - Anton Pannekoek

"Party and Class" - Anton Pannekoek

"Anton Pannekoek And The Politics Of Emancipatory Socialism (1989)

"The New Capitalism and The Old Class Struggle - Paul Mattick (1976)

Paul Mattick on Worker's Councils: Interview Feb. 1975

Lotta Continua Interview with Paul Mattick (October 1977)

On Anton Pannekoek - Paul Mattick (1962)

Council Communism - Paul Mattick

Otto Rühle and the German Labor Movement (Paul Mattick)

Revolutionary Traditions: Council Communism - By Steve Wright (1991)(Good, brief intro.)

Class Struggle Beyond Unionism: Boston Public Workers' Ferment 1981-1982 - By Scott Mc Guire

Karl Korsch: A Marxist Friend of Anarchism (1967)

Interview With Paul Mattick Jr., November 17, 1991

Some Thoughts About On-Going Discussions Within The Ultra-Left Milieu - By Henri Simon (1996)

Rosa Luxemburg in Retrospect - Paul Mattick

Libertarian Socialism - Dave Lamb (1996)

Paul Mattick Sr. Bibilography(English language texts only) - Part 1: A-J

Paul Mattick Sr. Bibliography - Part 2: L-Z

Theory and Practice: an Introduction To Marxian Theory (Root and Branch #8, n.d. late 70s)

Root And Branch ( A short introduction to the political perpspectives of this now-defunct libertarian socialist journal; from issue # 7, 1979)

Ten Theses On Marxism Today - Karl Korsh (1950)

What is Makhaevism? - Paul Avrich (1965)


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