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Collective Action Notes documents and discusses different struggles (strikes, occupations, etc.) world-wide. We are interested in understanding class struggle and the different forms it takes in the present period, forms ranging from overt and highly visible struggles such as the French public sector strike wave in the winter of 1995 to more 'hidden ' forms of class struggle such as absenteeism. sabotage (broadly defined ), etc.

Loosely, it could be said CAN is sympathetic to issues of worker's autonomy and self-activity. Although no formally agreed upon political perspective exists at the present point, probably most participants would define themselves in one way or another as being critical of the traditional left, and close to class struggle anarchist/council communist views, again without being obsessed by old ideologies or labels (such as the historical divide between anarchism and marxism), which in most cases have been superceded by capitalist development itself.

Collective Action Notes, POB 39521,Baltimore, MD 21212,USA

April 2009: "What is the International Circle of Antiboshevik Communists?" Trans. from Spanish(200?)

April 2009: "Manifesto of the International Circle of Antibolshevik Communists" Trans. from Spanish (200?)

April 2009: What Does the Communist Workers Union Want? - CWU (KAUD) (1932)

April 2009: Spontaneity in the Spanish Revolution" by Enric Mompo (2001)

March 2009: "The Councilist Movement in Germany: A History of the AAUD-E Tendency" by Grupo de Comunistas de Conselhos de Galiza(Group of Council Communists of Galicia)(2003-2004). Translated from Igneo no. 7 (2006)

February 2009: "Victor Serge: Totalitarianism and State Capitalism(Socialist Deconstruction and Collectivist Humanism)" by Philippe Bourrinet (2001)

December 2008: "The Theories of Collapse and Organized Capitalism in the Debates of �Historical Extremism" by GiacomoMarramao.From Derrumbe del "Capitalismo o Sujeto Revolucionario?"(Collapse of Capitalism or Revolutionary Subject?), Cuadernos de Pasado y Presente, 1978.

December 2008: "Paul Mattick and Council Communism" - Claude Pozzoli. Published as the Introduction to "Ribelli e rinnegati" (Rebels and Renegades, a Paul Mattick anthology), Turin, 1976.

November 2008: "Evolution of the Problem of the Political Workers Councils in Germany" - Karl Korsh (1921)

September 2008: "Historical Materialism Explained To Workers" - Herman Gorter (1908)

March 2008: "Class Struggle and Nation" - Anton Pannekoek (1912)

Sept. 2007: "Imperialism, the War and Social Democracy" - Herman Gorter (1914)

August. 2007: Serge Bricianer on Gorter's "Open Letter to Lenin" (197?)

July 2007: "The Communist Left in Germany." Texts selected and edited by G. Dauve and Denis Authier (1976)Updated 2004.

July 2007 "Hermann Gorter: A Life of Struggle" by Anton Pannekoek. (1927)

February 2007: "Marxism As Action" - Anton Pannekoek (1915)

February 2007: "Social Democracy and Communism" - Anton Panekoek (1919)

February 2007: "The New Blanquism" - Anton Pannekoek (1920)

February 2007: Introduction to "The Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution" - Paul Mattick. (1970)

March 2006: "Mutinies in the American Army" From ECHANGES # 111, Winter 2004-05.

March 2006: "The Uselessness of Heroes" by Charles Reeve. Book review of Nestor Romero's "Los Incontrolodos; Chronicle of the Iron Column." From LE MONDE LIBERTAIRE Feb,6-12th 2002.

March 2006 "Clausewitz on the Pampas: An Argentine Snapshot as Latin America Moves Leftwards" by Loren Goldner.

November 2004: Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers' Newspaper) Feb. 2002. India

DECEMBER 2003: "Black Particularity Reconsidered" by Adolph Reed Jr. 1979

AUGUST 2003: "The Small Matter of a Horse: The Life of 'Nogoloza' Mathebula", 1867-1948" by Charles van Onselen, 1984

MAY 2003: "The New Machiavellians" by Paul Mattick (New Essays, Winter 1943)

MAY 2003: "Georges Sorel" by Larry Portis (1980) Book, 120 pps. printed edition

JANUARY 2003: "What is Alienation: Career of a Concept" by Lewis Feuer (1962)

OCTOBER 2002: "W.E.B Du Bois and the Proletariat in Black Reconstruction" by Ferruccio Gambino (198?)

JULY 2002: "The Great Game" and Response. From "Oiseau Tempete", Paris

NOVEMBER 8, 2001: "THE CONTRADICTION OF TROTSKY" By Claude Lefort (1948)

SEPTEMBER 29, 2000: ANARCHISM WITHOUT TEARS - PT. 4: "Ideologies" By A. J. Baker (THE LIBERTARIAN, Sydney, 1958)

SEPTEMBER 26, 2000: "The Radical Tradition" By Richard Gombin (book, 1979)

SEPTEMBER 23, 2000: "Revolt of the Scientists" By Anton Pannekoek (From "Retort" Vol. # 4, # 2, 1948)

SEPTEMBER 19, 2000: "Origins of Modern Leftism" by Richard Gombin (1975)(book)

Above as ZIP file

SEPTEMBER 3, 2000: "Critique of Marcuse: One-Dimensional Man in Class Society" By Paul Mattick (1972, 113 pages)

AUGUST 28, 2000: "The Impotence of Revolutionary Groups" By Sam Moss (From "Living Marxism", June 1939)

August 10, 2000 - "Fragile Prosperity? Fragile Social Peace? Notes on the U.S." By Curtis Price, July 2000, from "Collective Action Notes" #16/17

August 10, 2000 - "35 Hours: The French Way To Flexibalization", April 2000. From "Collective Action Notes" #16/17

June 25, 2000 - "The Transgression of a Laborer: Malcolm X In The Wilderness Of America" - Ferruccio Gambino (1993)

NEW LINK - "Marx and Darwin" - Anton Pannekoek, 1912 (On Marxism archives)

June 21, 2000 - "Socialism and the Intelligentsia: The Ideas of Jan Machajski in Historical Retrospective" - Paul Flewers (New Interventions, Vol. 6, # 1, Feb. 1995)

(A balanced critique of Machajski's ideas from a Trotskyist-influenced perspective)

June 2, 2000 "Workers Against Work" - Michael Seidman, 1992 (entire book, from University of California Press web site; look under "European History")

June 2, 2000 - "Ubu Saved From Drowning: Workers Insurgency and Statist Containment in Portugal and Spain 1974-1977" By Loren Goldner (2000,book)

March 17, 2000 - "Spontaneity and Organisation" - Paul Mattick (From "Anti-Bolshevik Communism", 1977)

January 29, 2000 - "Socialisme ou Barbarie: A History of A French Revolutionary Group" - Marcel Linden (1997)

January 13, 2000 - "Theses On the Chinese Revolution" - Cajo Brendel (1967/1974)

January 13, 2000 - "Upheaval In The Land Of The Eagles' (on Albania)- TPTG (1998)

December 27, 1999 - "War, Peace and the Crisis of the Reproduction of Human Capital in Former Yugoslavia"(TPTG - Greece)

December 27 1999 "A Heavy Burden on Young Shoulders" - TPTG (Greece-1998)

December 27, 1999 - "Days of June: Days of Class Struggle in Greece June 98"

ANARCHISM WITHOUT TEARS # 3 - "Anarchism" - George Molnar (1956)

December 1999 "The Personal Act" - Anton Pannekoek (1933)

December 1999 "The Refusal Of Work" - ECHANGES (1979)

Refusal of Work as Zip file

December 1999 "Tesis sobre Hegal y la revoluti�n"/"Diez tesis sobre el marxismo hoy" - Karl Korsch

November 1999: Organizing the 'Lumpenproletariat': Cliques and Communists in Berlin during the Weimar Republic" by Eve Rosenhaft (1982)

Reform and Revolution section from "Marxism: Last Refuge of the Bourgeoisie?" - Paul Mattick (1983)

1. Introduction

2. Capitalism and Socialism

3. Reform and Revolution

4. Limits of Reform

5. Lenin's Revolution

6. The Idea of the Commune

7. State and Counter-Revolution

8. The German Revolution

9. Ideology and Class Consciousness

October 1999 - "Anarchism Without Tears" Pt.1 Sydney Libertarianism (1960)

October 1999 - "Anarchism Without Tears" - Pt. 2 "Pluralism and Anarchism" - Kenneth Maddock (Black and Red, 1966)

October 1999 - "Remaking of the American Working Class" - Loren Goldner (1999)

June 1999 - "Women's Subversive Individualism In Barcelona In The 1930s" - Michael Seidman (1992)

June 1999 - "Worker's Opposition in Nazi Germany - Tim Mason, HISTORY WORKSHOP # 11 (1981)

May 1999 - "Karl Marx - Anti-Bourgeois or Neo-Bourgeois?" - Max Nomad (196?)


"Wage Workers Self-Activity" - KK/Collectivities (1998)

"As We DON'T See It" - London Solidarity (circa 197?)

"Some Thought On Organization" - Henri Simon (1979)

"The New Movement" - Henri Simon (1974)

"A Ballad Against Work"(1996)

"Myths Of Dispersed Fordism" - Echanges (1990)

"Mexico is Not Only Chiapas Nor The Rebellion In Chiapas Only A Mexican Affair" - TPTG (1993)

"Goodbye To The Unions - A Controversy About Autonomous Class Struggle In Great Britain"(1990)

"Third Camp Internationalists In World War 2" - Pierre Lannert (197?)

Communism Is The Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today - Loren Goldner

"Reflections on Marx's Critique of Political Economy" (Kamunist Kranti)(1997)


Some Thoughts About On-Going Discussions Within The Ultra-Left Milieu - By Henri Simon (1996)

"Drug Use, The Labor Market and Class Conflict" = John Helmer/Thos. Vietorisz (1974)

"The League Of Revolutionary Black Workers: A Historical Analysis" - A. Muhammed Ahmad (no date, circa 1979?)

"Why Past Revolutionary Movements Have Failed" - Anton Pannekoek

"Party and Class" - Anton Pannekoek

"Anton Pannekoek And The Politics Of Emancipatory Socialism - John Gerber (1989)

"The New Capitalism and The Old Class Struggle - Paul Mattick (1976)

Paul Mattick on Worker's Councils: Interview Feb. 1975

Lotta Continua Interview with Paul Mattick (October 1977)

On Anton Pannekoek - Paul Mattick (1962)

Council Communism - Paul Mattick

Otto R�hle and the German Labor Movement (Paul Mattick)

Rosa Luxemburg in Retrospect - Paul Mattick

Paul Mattick Sr. Bibilography(English language texts only) - Part 1: A-J

Paul Mattick Sr. Bibliography - Part 2: L-Z

Interview With Paul Mattick Jr., November 17, 1991

Paul Mattick Sr. Bibilography(English language texts only) - Part 1: A-J

Paul Mattick Sr. Bibliography - Part 2: L-Z

"La Hez De La Humanidad" - Paul Mattick (1935)

" Pasado, Presente Y Futuro Del Marxismo - Paul Mattick

Theory and Practice: an Introduction To Marxian Theory (Root and Branch #8, n.d. late 70s)

Root And Branch ( A short introduction to the political perpspectives of this now-defunct libertarian socialist journal; from issue # 7, 1979)

Karl Korsch: A Marxist Friend of Anarchism (1967)

Ten Theses On Marxism Today - Karl Korsh (1950)

Revolutionary Traditions: Council Communism - By Steve Wright (1991)(Good, brief intro.)

"International Liquidity Crisis And Class Struggle - First Approximation" By Loren Goldner (1998)

Class Struggle Beyond Unionism: Boston Public Workers' Ferment 1981-1982 - By Scott Mc Guire

Libertarian Socialism - Dave Lamb (1996)

What is Makhaevism? - Paul Avrich (1965)

" Bolshevik Opposition To Lenin: G. Miasnikov and the Workers Group" - Paul Avrich

"When Insurrections Die" - Gilles Dauve (aka Jean Barrot)


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