Zorikh Lequidre is a multi-talented writer, artist, and entertainer. He has been collecting, creating, and writing about comics for his entire life. He produced his first self-published comic book "Watch This Space" when he was fresh out of high school. He has dedicated years to studying the art and history of comics and their relationship to society, giving lectures at conventions and other venues on the topic. He has a BFA in illustration and cartooning from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He is a member of the Comic Book Artist’s Guild and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, and Captain Marvel Culture represents the culmination of a lifetime of collecting and analyzing comics.

Zorikh Lequidre has been a fixture at comic book conventions since he was nine years old, working his way up from sneaking in through the kitchen to being the events coordinator and panel room host of the Big Apple Convention, New York’s largest comic book, sci-fi, media, and pop-culture convention. It was his work at these conventions that led to his aquaintaince with Evan Azriliant.

Outside of comics Zorikh Lequidre is an avid historian who recreates the Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism. He is the founder of New York Knights, a business that provides medieval, renaissance, and fantasy armor, accoutrements, and entertainments for all occasions.

He is also an actor and musical entertainer who has appeared in many Off-Broadway plays, on radio and TV, and in several award-winning movies.

You can learn more about Zorikh Lequidre through his website at http://www.zorikh.com

Evan Azriliant is a principle attorney with S&E Azriliant in NYC and President and owner of Evan B. Azriliant, Esq. P.A., a law firm in Coral Springs, Florida. He has received degrees from Dartmouth College, Brooklyn Law School, and NYU Law School. He is an adjunct professor of Mathematics at Bernard Baruch College. He is a partner in numerous businesses, including one dealing with comic books and related media. He has produced films and plays in New York City. He recently became treasurer and trustee of The Ideal School, a non-profit organization in New York City. He is married with two wonderful children.

P.C. Hamerlinck is an editor, graphic designer, and commercial artist and has been editor of Fawcett Collectors of America since 1995. A historian of Captain Marvel and Fawcett Publications, he has close associations with many of those involved with the character and in the comic book industry. He is currently writing a biography of CC Beck and editing and designing Jackson Bostwick’s autobiography. He works as a commercial artist, is married with an 11-year old son who likes drawing various heroes with dad.

Outline of Captain Marvel history
Chapter 1: The Captain and the Major
Chapter 2: The Big Blue Guy
Chapter 3: The Big Red Guy
Chapter 4: Early Captain Marvel
Chapter 5: Powers and Personality
Chapter 6: Going Hollywood
Chapter 7: Friends and foes: The Lietenant Marvels
Chapter 8: Friends and Foes: Captain Marvel Junior
Chapter 9: Friends and Foes: Mary Marvel
Chapter 10: Friends and Foes: Mr. Tawny
Chapter 11: Friends and Foes: Dr. Sivana
Chapter 12: Mr Mind
Chapter 13: Friends and Foes: Other Foes
Chapter 14: Enter the Binder
Chapter 15: Superman V. Captan Marvel
Chapter 16


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