Change the graphical look of Windows with Talisman !


                                          Talisman 2 


         You need the Talisman software to use these themes. 

                             How to install a theme .

         It is a shell replacement for Windows, that can be used in application mode to. In Windows all the graphics are controlled by explorer.exe, with Talisman you  use talisman.exe.

 But you can also use it in "application" mode, where it

start like any other software.

          Where is the program Talisman II .





                         My latest Talisman themes

                 Click the image for a full screen view.

     There click "Download to Desktop" to get the theme file.






                 Talisman 2.8 theme for two monitors at 1024x768, 

                 with  7 themes/colors.







                         Talisman Theme for the young apprentice

                       Click the image to go to the site to download.


                                           Meta One

                     Talisman 2.95 at 1024x768 and higher



                                       The Machine

                            Talisman 2.8 at 1024x768

      An unconventional desktop with the wallpaper 

      "Elleptical" by Danny Bell from Canada.
      Danny is sbgFX at WinCustomize.com .
      Also icons by Alex B. alias genesis01 at DA.
      The little black Talisman logo icon is by mmr85 at DA.
      Meta Icons by Matt alias tiggz  at DA.
      I have founded a Spherical SysMetrix theme to fit in

      in the center.        
      Read more about it at Help/About theme for.
      Media Player Controls and Calendar with Notes.
      The chrome woman is the "CyberWoman" 

      created   by Arduino  at 3dpmr.com

      Don't forget to install the font BG_LIGHT.TTF included.





                          Talisman 2.8 at 1024x768

                     Ten wallpapers made with Terragen     

                     by Jeffery Rose and Julio Saldana.

                     Super Sysmetrix skin from Pugle.

                     More infos in the Readme.txt




                           Talisman 2.8 at 1024x768

                             Sysmetrix skin included.

                 Created by Xavier Jaouen (at DeviantART )                    May Ling Wallpaper  by Randis Albion

                 (at DeviantART)Sysmetrix tell you when

                 you receive an email or when the Recycle        

                 Bin is full, and the uptime that your computer

                 is opened; also the CPU usage.




              For Talisman 2.8, at 1024x768 with the


              Introducing the concept of themes (colors), 

              with  integrated buttons, panels & wallpaper.




                     Talisman 2.8 at 1024x768theme

                     with Media Player controls and a






                                  Anark Studio 


             I have just try  the demo of  "Anark  Studio".

           It's for 3D animations.

           A little work I have done with : Cessna

           You will install the Player at the same time.























                                Wallpaper for two monitors



                                              Morning Show

                        Wallpaper for two monitors at 1024x768.

                                Software needed : UltraMon   

                                Click the image to download.

                       More wallpapers at my  DeviantArt page.






                             About the author danmoore

         My name is Denys Morais. I am a french speaking Canadian.     I  am a member of the community DeviantART , where my name is    danmoore. 

        I have another site about 3D  -> DM 3D