Comparative Philatelic Forgery
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This site shows stamp fakes and forgeries by country and year of issue. You can click on a country name to see a thumbnail catalog of that countries issues and then select a stamp by clicking on that postage stamp. Alternately, you can first click on a year of issue and then select the stamp from there. Clicking on a stamp will bring more detail deeper in the tree. Check back often as this Philatelic Forgery site is new regularly. Forgers covered are Sperati, Fournier, Spiro, Oneglia and others.

This site is intended to be educational, informing viewers of common forgeries and showing their characteristics, primarily by comparison. This site is not intended to be used to certify genuine original stamps, as that can only be done by comparison face to face with genuine reference stamps and forgeries by an expert.

We are working on putting the entire Fournier Album on line. Click the link to the left to see it.

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or a year for that issue.

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Tahiti   Fournier Album       Fournier Album Page 163       Fournier Cancel p33
Tasmania   Fournier Album Page
Tchongking   Page 165     
Thailand   Page 164      Siam Scout Fund Stamps Fakes & Forgeries Issue;  also Post Card
Tibet  Click here for country index (comparison)
Timor  Click here for country index (comparison)
Timor Fournier   Fournier Album  
Togo  Click here for country index (comparison)      Fournier Album p25     
Transvaal Fournier   Fournier Album Page 146      Page 145 
Trinidad  Click here for country index (comparison)      Fournier Album p53       Fournier Album Page
Tunis   Fournier Album
Turkey Fournier   Fournier Album Star and Crescent, Locals, Cancels      1914 large 
Turkey   1949 Fake Overprints      Fournier Album Page
Turks Island   Page 164
Tuscany Fournier   Fournier Album Page 143      Page 142      Page 144 
Tuscany Sperati
Two Sicilies
  Sperati forgeries 

Uganda   Fournier Album
Uruguay Fournier   Fournier Album Earlies 1856 1858 
Uruguay Fournier   Fournier Album Small Suns 1859-60 
Uruguay  Click here for country index (comparison)  
Uruguay Sperati   Sperati forgeries 

Venezuela Fournier   Fournier Album  
Victoria   Fournier Album Page
VietNam   Society of Indo-China Philatelists
Virgin Islands  Click here for country index Fournier Album

Wenden Fournier   Fournier Album  
Western Australia   (comparison)
Wurttemburg Sperati   Sperati forgeries 
Wurttemburg   Fournier Album Page 160       Page 154

Zanzibar   Fournier Album
Zululand   Fournier Album       Page 164

Click on a letter to jump to that country index
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Dahomey Danish West Indies Denmark Diego Suarez Dominica Dominican Republic

Ecuador Egypt Estonia

Falkland Islands Fournier Album France French Colonies Congo Guiana Guinea India Polynesia Sudan

Gabon Gambia Gibralter Great Britain Gold Coast Guadeloupe Guatemala

Haiti Hong Kong Hungary

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Nicaragua Nigeria North Borneo North Ingermanland Nova Scotia
Obock Oldenburg

Paraguay Parma Persia

Reunion Rhodesia Roman States Romagna Romania Rouad, Ile Russia

Saar St. Christopher St. Helena Ste. Marie de Madagascar St. Thomas & Prince St. Vincent
San Marino Samoa Sardinia Saxony Sedang Senegambia Senegambia
Siam Sierra Leone Shanghai Solomon Islands South Australia Southern Nigeria
Spain Surinam Sweden Switzerland

Thailand Tibet Timor Togo Transvaal Trinidad Turkey Tuscany
Uruguay Venezuela VietNam Wenden Wurttemburg