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Football statistics: European all-time tables 1st level

Albania 1st level 1930-2009

Andorra 1st level 1996-2009

Armenia 1st level 1992-2008
Austria 1st level 1912-2009
Azerbaijan 1st level 1992-2009
Belgium 1st level 1896-2009
Belorussia 1st level 1992-2008 (overhauled)
Bohemia/Moravia 1st level 1939-44
Bosnia/Herzegovina 1st level 2003-09
Bulgaria 1st level 1924-2009
Croatia 1st level 1992-2009
Cyprus 1st level 1932-2009
Cyprus North 1st level 1956-2009
Czechoslovakia 1st level 1925-1938, 1946-1993
Czech Republic 1st level 1994-2009
Denmark 1st level 1928-2009
DDR 1st level 1950-91
England 1st level 1889-2009
Estonia 1st level 1921-2008
Faroe Islands 1st level 1976-2008
Finland 1st level 1930-2008
France 1st level 1933-2009
Georgia 1st level 1990-2009
Germany Gauliga (1st level) 1934-45
Germany (BRD) Oberliga (1st level) 1946-63
Germany Bundesliga (1st level) 1964-2009
Germany Oberliga & Bundesliga (1st level) 1946-2009
Germany Gauliga, Oberliga (BRD)& Bundesliga (1st level) (incl. Endrunde) 1934-2009
Gozo 1st level 1939-2009
Greece 1st level 1960-2009
Greenland 1st level 2005-08
Hungary 1st level 1901-2009
Iceland 1st level 1912-2008
Ireland 1st level 1922-2008
Israel 1st level 1950-2009
Italy 1st level 1930-2009
Kazakhstan 1st level 1992-2008 (completely overhauled)
Latvia 1st level 1991-2008
Lithuania 1st level 1991-2008
Luxemburg 1st level 1915-2009<
FYR Macedonia 1st level 1993-2009
Malta 1st level 1910-2009
Moldova 1st level 1992-2009
Montenegro 1st level 2007-09
Netherlands 1st level 1898-2009
Northern Ireland 1st level 1891-2009
Norway 1st level 1938-2008
Poland 1st level 1921-2009
Portugal 1st level 1935-2009
Romania 1st level 1933-2009
Russia 1st level 1992-2008
Saar 1st level 1949-1951
San Marino 1st level 1986-2009
Scotland 1st level 1891-2009
Serbia 1st level 2007-09
Serbia & Montenegro 1st level 1993-2006
Slovakia 1st level 1994-2009
Slovenia 1st level 1992-2009
Spain 1st level 1929-2009
Republika Srpska 1st level 1996-2009B>
Sweden 1st level 1925-2008
Switzerland 1st level 1898-2009
Turkey 1st level 1959-2009
Ukraine 1st level 1992-2009
USSR 1st level 1936-1991
Wales 1st level 1993-2009
Yugoslavia 1st level 1923-1992

Football statistics: European all-time tables 2nd level

Austria 2nd level 1950-2009

Belorussia 2nd level 1992-2008
Bosnia/Herzegovina 2nd level 2003-09
Croatia 2nd level 1992-2009
Czech Republic 2nd level 1994-2009
DDR 2nd level 1951-91
England 2nd level 1893-2009
Finland 2nd level 1935-2008
France 2nd level 1934-2009
Germany Regionalliga (1964-74)/ 2. Bundesliga (from 1975) (2nd level) 1964-2009
Hungary 2nd level 1951-2009
Iceland 2nd level 1977-2008
Ireland 2nd level 1986-2008
Italy 2nd level 1930-2009
Luxemburg 2nd level 1911-2009
Northern Ireland 2nd level 1996-2009
Portugal 2nd level 1991-2009
Russia 2nd level 1992-2008
Saar 2nd level 1949-1951
Scotland 2nd level 1894-2009
Slovenia 2nd level 1992-2008
Sweden 2nd level 1925-2008
Ukraine 2nd level 1992-2009
Wales 2nd level 1993-2009

Football statistics: European all-time tables 3rd level and lower

England 3rd level 1958-2009

England 4th level 1958-2009
England 5th level (Nationwide Conference) 1980-2009
Germany Oberliga (1979-94)/ Regionalliga (1995-2008)/ 3. Liga (2009-) (3rd level) 1979-2009
Germany 4th level (Oberliga 1995-2008, Regionalliga 2009-) 1995-2009
Northern Ireland 3rd level 2003-09
Scotland 3rd level 1924-1926, 1947-1949 & 1976-2009
Scotland 4th level 1995-2009
Sweden 3rd level 1929-2008
Sweden 4th level 1987-2008

Football statistics: Various

European International Cups: club & country totals 1955-2008

All-time table Intertoto cup 1961/62-2008
All-time table Royal League 2005-07

Africa International Cups: club & country totals 1964-2008

Asia International Cups: club & country totals 1967-2008
Concacaf International Cups: club & country totals 1962-2008
Oceania International Cups: club & country totals 1987-2008
South America (Conmebol) International Cups: club & country totals 1960-2008

All-time table African Nations Cup incl. qualification 1957-2008
All-time table Asian Nations Cup incl. qualification 1956-2007
All-time table Gold Cup and predecessors incl. qualification 1941-2009
All-time table European Cup (for nations) incl. qualification 1960-2008
All-time table Oceania Nations Cup incl. qualification 1973-2008
All-time table Olympic Games incl. qualification 1908-2008
All-time table World Cup incl. qualification 1930-2006

And now for something completely different...

The picture to the left has nothing to do with football, it's just a picture of interest I think. It depicts the death of the Swedish king Gustav Adolf der Grosse at the battle of Lützen in 1632. Gustav Adolf was short-sighted and during the battle of Lützen he did not use glasses even though it was available, it wasn't the style for a great nobleman to wear them. This proved fatal as he got separated from his forces and was killed. Gustav Adolf was born in 1594, the son of king Karl IX and Kristina of Holstein- Gottorp. He became king in 1611 at the death of his father and immediately took charge of the government. During virtually all his life he had to fight battles. He is probably most renowned for his tactical and strategic skills in warfare which included among other things reconstruction of the artillery-forces which was far ahead of his time. During his reign Sweden rose from being a small and obscure country at the outskirts of Europe to a power second to none. He filled the power-void created by the confusion in Russia and his successors managed to maintain the conquests he orchestrated for nearly a century.

Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900

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