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Aaron: Of course we never had anything to sell!

Brad: Oh yea. cool.

Scott: And now we don't even exist anymore!

Aaron and Brad (looking at each other): Bummer!

Fivecase was another one of those funky college bands. We were cool while we lasted, but all good things must come to an end, right? Well, not necessarily, but it was true in this case!

Don't cry! Aaron, Brad, Ernie, Matt, and Scott will all return to astonish you in some other realm besides music, ok? And while you're waiting for that to happen, you can enjoy the downloadable clips from the songs that we did record, located below.

Downloadable Song Clips

Here's a couple segments of our first song in .mov format, "Candy Bars," available for download! To play them, all you need is a player or a Netscape plug-in for quicktime movie files - get it here!

(1)Here's the intro and part of the first verse. (361K)

(2)This one's the solo section followed by the last chorus. (351K)

Here's a single clip, and it's one of our last songs recorded - the whole thing! The song's in Real Audio format, so get the latest player here if you don't already have it!

(3)"No Title" - from front to back! (556K) <--that's excellent, for the entire song! Download it now!

If you wanna hear some cool tunes, take a few minutes to listen to these clips- they shouldn't take toooooo long to download!

Links to Fivecase-related stuff on the web

Scott's (the drummer's) homepage
Brad's (the guitarist's) homepage - be careful, it can be disorientating...you've been pre-warned!

So this is what's left of Fivecase...a partial webpage! Sorry we couldn't stay together as a band long enough to stun the world. Oh well....

By the way, you are person number to make it to this page (although I'm sure its more than that)!

1996-98 Fivecase productions

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