**ANNOUNCEMENT** From Feb 09 Class Against Class has moved to a new site here Most texts have been cleaned up before being moved over. New texts are now being added as well. This site will be left up due to the texts being linked to in various books/pamphlets/articles.

Welcome to Class Against Class, a site dedicated to reclaiming the Theory & Practice of Class Struggle from authoritarian groups or those who would presume in some way to act on behalf of the working class.The significance of the name 'Class Against Class' lies in our recognition that despite the numerous & varied developements Capital has undergone as a result of working class pressure,the basis for its' existence remains in the'real' process of production & reproduction,in the expropiation of surplus value by capital(i.e wage labour);in its' simplest form we work for them.Who 'we' consists of,the question of 'work',& who 'they' are,are of course open to debate,& we welcome recent discussions of 'class recomposition',the role of unpaid labour in reproduction,the 'refusal of work' etc.*

We have no particular 'party line',we only argue for the centrality of working class self-activity in any attempts to go beyond the existing social relations,and take as our starting point the recognition that:

Meaningful action, for revolutionaries, is whatever increases the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self -activity of the masses and whatever assists in their demystification. Sterile and harmful action is whatever reinforces the passivity of the masses, their apathy, their cynicism, their differentiation through hierarchy, their alienation, their reliance on others to do things for them and the degree to which they can therefore be manipulated by others - even by those allegedly acting on their behalf.
(Taken from As We See It by Solidarity [London])

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Toni Negri

Keynes and the Capitalist Theory of the State post-1929 (pdf)

Capitalist Domination and Working Class Sabotage

Crisis of The Crisis State

Archaeology and Project.. The Mass Worker and the Social Worker

Mario Tronti

Struggle Against Labor - Mario Tronti

Workers and Capital

Social Capital

The Strategy of The Refusal

Lenin in England

Raniero Panzieri

The Capitalist Use of Machinery: Marx Versus the Objectivists - Raniero Panzieri

Surplus value and planning: notes on the reading of 'Capital' - Raniero Panzieri

Cornelius Castoriadis/Socialisme Ou Barbarie

What Is Bureaucracy-Claude Lefort

The Role of Bolshevik Ideology in the Birth of the Bureaucracy

What Really Matters

History as Creation

The Proletariat and Organisation

The Content of Socialism,Part One

Ante Ciliga


The Kronstadt Revolt

Herman Gorter

Open Letter to Comrade Lenin

Obituary by H.Canne Meijer

Alexandra Kollantai

The Workers Opposition

Karl Korsch

Korsch in Spain - Paul Piccone

The Crisis of Marxism - Karl Korsch

The Present State of the Problem of Marxism and Philosophy: An Anti-critique

The Marxism of Karl Korsch - Paul Mattick

Principles of Marxism:A Restatement

Introduction to Capital

Why I Am a Marxist

10 Theses on Marxism

[Further information on Karl Korsch can be found here at Collective Action Notes,and at Ken Knabb's Bureau of Public Secrets,and the Marxist Internet Archive ]

Paul Mattick

Some Comments On Mandel's Marxist Economic Theory - Paul Mattick

The Marxism of Karl Korsch - Paul Mattick

Economic Crisis and Crisis Theory

Economics,Politics and The Age Of Inflation

Guy Aldred

Trade Unions and the Class War

Representation and the State

Otto Ruhle

The Revolution Is Not a Party Affair

Moscow Report

Reichstag Speech

From The Bourgois To The Prolitarian Revolution

Elephant Editions

Alfredo M. Bonanno texts have now moved to Killing King Abacus

Strange Victories-Midnight Notes

Contributions to The Revolutionary Struggle,Intended To Be Discussed,Corrected,And Principally,Put Into Practice Without Delay-Ratgeb(Raoul Vaneigem)

Albania:Laboratory of Subversion

For an Anti-authoritarian Insurrectionist International-Proposal for a Debate

Workers Autonomy-Elephant Editions

General Texts

Anti-Semitism and National Socialism - Moishe Postone

Anti-globalisation and the Question of Socialism - Werner Bonefeld

Ends and Beginnings - Tim Mason

National Socialism and the Working Class, 1925 - May, 1933 - Tim Mason

Germany, "Domestic Crisis" and War in 1939 - Tim Mason

Ante Ciliga,Trotsky, and State Capitalism: Theory, Tactics, and Re-evaluation during the Purge Era, 1935- 1939 - Michael S Fox

Antonio Gramsci and the Bolshevization of the PCI - Thomas R Bates

The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community - Mariarosa Dalla Costa & Selma James

From Left Radicalism to Council Communism: Anton Pannekoek and German Revolutionary Marxism - John Gerber

The Stopwatch and the Wooden Shoe: Scientific Management and the Industrial Workers of the World - Mike Davis

The Stopwatch and the Wooden Shoe - pdf version

Street Politics in Hamburg, 1932-3 - Anthony McElligott

On Council Communism - Marcel van der Linden

The Misery of Islam - Al-Djouhall

The Working-Class Struggle Against the Crisis: Self-Reduction Of Prices in Italy - Bruno Ramirez

Take Over the City -Lotta Continua

Apology for The Algerian Insurrection

Politics in the First Person: the autonomous workers movement in Italy.

The Mass Strike in France May-June 1968 -ICO.Root and Branch Pamphlet#3.(Including Five Theses on the Class Struggle By Anton Pannekoek.)

"Nous Sommes Tous Des Casseurs" - Youth Revolt in France, March 1994

Wildcat: Dodge Truck June 1974 - Black and Red

The Commune: Paris 1871 - P. Guillaume and M. Grainger (Solidarity Pamphlet#35)

Crime Becomes Custom - Custom Becomes Crime - Trevor Bark

The KAPD in Retrospect

Theory of Crisis and the Problem of Constitution - Giacomo Marramao

Workers of the World, Tonight!: International Dockers' Struggles in the Eighties - BM Blob

Black Cats,White Cats,Wildcats: Auto Workers in Detroit/Niggermation In Auto: Company Policy and the Rise of Black Caucuses - Martin Glaberman/Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin

A Note on the Use of the Word 'Soviet' - Neil C Fernandez


Defeat at Fiat - Marco Revelli

MOSCOW 1921 - Meetings in the Kremlin - Interview with Bernhard Reichenbach (KAPD)

Yugoslavery - Yugoslavia: Capitalism and Class struggle 1918-1967
Some Basic Ingredients of Yugoslav Ideology - B.M Blob

Like a Summer with a Thousand Julys … - B.M Blob

The Red Rose of Nissan - John Holloway

A Fresh Look at Lenin - Andy Brown.With a Postface by Ian Pirie and A.A. Raskolnikov (Solidarity Pamphlet no.56)

Working Class Self-Activity - George Rawick

Theses on Mass Worker and Social Capital - Guido Baldi

John Zerzan and The Primitive Confusion

Origin and Function of the Party Form (and 1974 Postface) - Jacques Camatte

The Unhappy Elitist: Victor Serge's Early Bolshevism - Peter Sedgwick


The Olive-Drab Rebels: Military Organizing During The Vietnam Era - Matthew Rinaldi

Mutinies: 1917-1920 - Dave Lamb (Solidarity)

None Shall Escape: Radical perspectives in the Caribbean - Fundi (Caribbean Situationist)

(Plus an account of the Workers Councils)

The Working Class Uprising In East-Germany June 1953
Class struggle Against Bolshevism - Cajo Brendel

The Working Class and Social Change - Martin Glaberman

Councils and State in Weimar Germany - Guido De Masi and Giacomo Marramao

Karl Marx and The Iroquois - Franklin Rosemont

The Ideology and Practice of Contestation seen through Recent Events in France - Richard Gombin

The Council Communists between the New Deal and Fascism - Gabriella M. Bonacchi

Lavori in corso - Riccardo Bellofiore

The Limits Of Matticks Economics:Economic Law and Class Struggle - Ron Rothbart

Sabotage and striking on the Job-Louis Adamic

The Lordstown Struggle And the Real Crisis in Production-Ken Weller

Unions Against Revolution-G.Munis/J.Zerzan

The Tribe Of Moles--Sergio Bologna(1977)

Social Constitution and the Form of the Capitalist State-Werner Bonefeld

Introduction to the United States
An Autonomist Political History-Noel Ignatiev

Old Left,New Left,What's Left?-Paul Mattick,jr

Lenin's Terror Within The Party-Gregory Maximoff

Jan Waclaw Machajski
A Radical Critic of The Russian Intelligensia and Socialism-(Marshall S.Shatz)

Counter-Planning on the Shop floor-Bill Watson

Class Composition and The Theory Of The Party At The Origins of The Workers' Councils Movement-Sergio Bologna

Poor Lenin-Bob Darke

Paris: May 1968-Maurice Brinton

Information on the above paintings,"The Sun of Communism"
(Aleksei Alekseevich Shovkunenko)& "Lenin shaped by Skulls" (Werner Horvath),can be found at The Museum of Totalitarian Art


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