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Who is "The Common Bicyclist"?


When it came to designing my own cycling website, I decided it should not be directed at only one side of the sport, but instead be open to all riders. An on-line magazine of cycling in general, with information every one can use. Not just the Lance Armstrong wanna-be's. There's space within these pages with knowledge that every cyclist can use, and it will be explained in a way that, I hope, everyone will be able to understand.

But in order to work, this has to be your magazine as well as mine. I don't even propose to know everything. For this to be the well rounded site I intend it to be, I need input from others cyclists as well, especially those in the areas of our sport that I am not. So please, feel free to contribute your knowledge, your ideas and tips. Both they and you are quite welcome in my, in our little "corner" of the web.

Chris Z.

All good things...

Yahoo!® has decided to terminate all GeoCities® web hosting services on October 26, 2009. When I created this site over a decade ago, I had envisioned it as a "Bicycling-Wiki" (hey, Wikipedia wasn't even a concept at the time!). It was my hope that reader contributions would keep it active and up to date.

Unfortunately, I have received very little input in that time, and almost none at all in the past few years. Since it is clear that this site is failing in it's purpose, I have decided to let it die along with the rest of GeoCities.

It shall remain active and receptive to any ideas you may wish to share with other cyclists until the very end. Please feel free to copy/save any of the written information I have placed on these pages which you may find useful before it all dissapears.

It has been fun.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wheelman

These are the sections of Chris'Z Corner:


The term was invented by fans of the `80's television series "MacGyver" and means anything which repairs, replaces, adapts, or improves, using whatever methods, materials or tools you may have on hand"


Bicycling advice of a more conventional nature. How to improve your riding, make your riding easier, safer, and keep your bike in top running condition.
Don't let the name scare you, they're all written in plain english!

"Echoes" copywrite: Michael Walthius

Road Rules

Proper "Road-iquette" for safe riding, And better relations with other users of the road (two and four wheeled!).

The Climb To Kaiser

A tutorial for my favorite ride, as well as a slideshow.
This guide is for those wishing to take their first try at one of the "...ten toughest rides in the country." as rated by "Bicycling!" magazine.

Le Concours d'Elegance

An online Bicycle beauty pageant for everyone who thinks their's is "The Most Beautiful Bike In The World", and wants to let the rest of the world to oogle at it too!


My photo album and slideshows,
taken from various rides over the years.

My Trophy Case

I've won a couple of awards for this site, I keep them here.

The Bicycle Chain

My links page to other related websites.
("Chain"? "Links"? get it? Oh,well.)

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I think you'll find me quite generous. Thank you.

Chris Z.

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