"Le Concours d'Elegance"


You think you have the most beautiful bikes in the world, and you're no longer satisfied just showing it off to the other members of your local bike club? You want the whole world to drool over your magnificent creation?


Now you can! Welcome to Chris'Z Corner's "Concours d'Elegance" The Bike Show for everyone who thinks their machine has what it takes!

The Concours is divided into five "Showrooms", each room is for a particular category of bicycle. So apples shall be compared with apples, and MTB's with MTB's, and so forth. The five showrooms are as follows:

There is no reason to be nervous, you can show your works of art here without worries. For in these showrooms there are no judges, and there are no losers. Everyone wins. So get out your camera and your bikes and start shooting! And when you're ready to showcase your own creations, click here!


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