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The Devil's Rain

~ "Technical consultant & actor, Anton LaVey graces the film with his presence, & arcane knowledge of the occult, & the visage of his wife Diane at the time, dwells herein also. John Travolta, Eddie Albert, & Tom Skerritt also star, in this Satanic thriller about a cult of devil-worshippers haunting a ghost town.

Since the Dr. is the technical consultant, all magical text herein is from THE SATANIC BIBLE. Ernest Borgnine plays a most convincing Satan, with LaVey as, most appropriately, the High Priest.

William Shatner {yes, Capt. Kirk himself!} went where no man had gone before, plays the protagonist Mark Preston, whose bloodline is under the curse of Corbis {Ernest Borgnine}, because of his ancestors' betrayal of the group centuries before, & the subsequent loss of the Book of Souls, chronicling those who have sold their souls to Satan, which Corbis had been obsessively searching for ever since. The group was murdered by the pyre, much like the Knights Templar, but Corbis swore to rise again, his "shadow covering the land again, & again..."

Until the book is recovered, Corbis cannot manipulate & control the souls, or, free them to do his bidding, as they remain imprisoned in a beautifully ornate container, bearing the form of the Baphomet goat.

Then, Mark Preston's brother {Skerritt} teams up with a Parapsychologist {Eddie Albert} to retrieve his brother, & mother, from the clutches of the "evil" Corbis {"...Evil? There is no evil here. Only purity..."}

One of the more typically moronic actions done by the normals, was when Preston was talking with Corbis in one of the scenes, & reveals his insecurity & false heroism, as he proclaims that he'll "face whatever lies behind those doors" of that old church {wait until you see that altar!}, while parting open his jacket, & displaying a gun. Where's the "faith"? Well, that made no difference, as you will see, neither did his pathetic, sniveling prayers, or his god of weakness.

The Devil's Rain has quite a line-up, & quite a plot. It is thoroughly entertaining, & many of the effects, make-up, & prosthetics were advanced for that time, & continue to be fascinating today. Notice the undertone of black noise in some of the scenes.

This rare film remains as one of the more Satanically-inspirational, & influencial pieces of underground art. It has been featured a few times on Elvira's "Movie Macabre" show, but she unfortunately lacked perception on this one.

It IS so unique, because it features actual Satanic rituals & ceremonies that have been unearthed by Dr. LaVey. Every Satanist worth their sulphur will want to have this in their collection."

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