Claudian Elephant

Roman Elephant (I)
Roman Elephant (I) - Revel Roman atop a plastic elephant!

This is my El(I) element for my DBM Early Imperial Roman/"Claudian invasion of Britian" army list, made for me by Mark. According to Army List Book Two, there are also supposed to be some camels on the element, which I supposed I could manage, as I have a couple left over from the DBA Saracen army I have pulled together.

The Revel Roman has just had his base chopped off, a hole drilled in his bum, a pin stuck up his jacksie with the other end into the elephant. The bond thus formed is so strong that no glue was needed. I painted him black so as to represent a Numidian. I'm not sure whether that is historically correct, but at the time I was toying with the idea of pulling together a Numidian DBA army, which needed an elephant!

(Also check out Tony De Lyall's Numidian Elephant)


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