[Converted] Esci Knights (Fast)

[Converted] Esci Knights (Fast)

Here we have one of my post 100 AD EIR Kn(F) elements - you're allowed all of two of them. Kinda dorky (they should be in mail, not Lorica Segmenta), with longer Knotos', but again, you work with what you've got...I'm planning eventually to replace them with converted HaT/Airfix legionaries. They at least look like they are in mail'd armour - and I can cut off their funny little shorts!

Most remarkable reaction to them was during the '99 convention - my opponent was all concerned when I recklessly charged them into a line of Irr Kn(O)...

My idea was to have them die (which they did, though they lasted longer than I thought) and then have his Kn go impetuous into my Ax(S) who where waiting atop a steep hill. Worked too - to a point.

I'd placed my Kn's in my mirco command with a LH(F) and Cv gen, so the command broke, a couple of his Kn went off to their deaths at the hands of my Ax (all I had to do was recoil them (mounted die on recoil in Difficult Going)), but my general got caught a couple of turns later (after being chased around the table for a bit), and I suddenly lost my third regular (and hence swappable) PIP dice! Hadn't thought of that! Down to two dice for the rest of the game...'twas never enough...!


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