Fast Artillery

Fast Artillery - Converted Revel Figures with scratchbuilt artillery

Re-wheeled Fast Artillery

Fast Artillery (on chariot bases!)

Fast Artillery

Here are a couple of my DBM Roman Fast Artillery elements. The artillery pieces were scratch built by Mark Otley, essentially built around the bow of some Citidel plastic bowmen, with some very clever work with cardboard strips. They're not too bad during a game either!

The figures are from Revel's Pretorian box. Its hard to make out from this, but, the crests on the helmets on the far figures have been altered to lie flat, like hores hair, rather than sitting up like wire brushes!

The second picture is of one of the same elements during the process of re-wheeling and re-basing it, prior to the '99 convention. Mark first made them for DBM 1.2 (?) when fast artillery had enormous warwagon size bases (or he mis-read/mis-interpreted the basing rules for bolt shooters on carts (quite easily done!)). I rebased them to more sensible chariot sized bases. I've just got to add the men and flock it.

And the last pickie is of the finished article.


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