Esci Roman Cavalry

Roman mounted C i C

Plastic Roman Cavalry - Converted Esci figures

Plastic Roman Cavalry

These are Esci figures (Roman torso, Napolionic legs and horse) depicting a Roman General and Equites Alares element. The Alares' shields are simply carboard and painted by hand. The General is flanked by two Esci standard bearers, who's standards have been altered by choping everything off one, with a piece of painted tissue paper on top (a vexilian, would you believe!?), the other simply has the moulded hand and wreath chopped off, and replaced with a Draco from Revel's Anglo Saxon set. I have another Esci Cav General, just the same, but with the two standard's moulded hands cut out (leaving the surrounding wreath), and replaced with carboard eagles.

The two outside figures on the Cv(O) below have been painted using the wargames plus painting technique. The difference between them and the wargames standard paint job of the guy in the middle is quite noticable. I'm actually very pleased with the result. Pitty I have to pull them apart to replace their torso's with HaT/Airfix Romans - Roman cav did not wear lorica segmenta!

Incidentally, the spears on the outside two are actually cut down 15mm pikes from Canterbury Miniatures.


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