Viking Blades

(December 2003)

Revell Saxons done up as Viking Bd(F)

Revell Saxons done up as Viking Bd(F)

Sorry for the dark photo...Matthew, my 8 year old son, had to do a 5 minute presentation at school ealier in the year. He chose to do it on Vikings (a friend gave him a book on them the year before, and it's been the firm favorite ever since), so I thought I'd do up an element of Vikings for him as a prop for him to show the class (suffice to say this is the only element in the army to have even got this far...). His presentation went off so well that he chatted on for another 15 minutes - much to his teachers surprise!

I'm quite pleased with the way the middle fellow and his red shirted companion turned out, specially the faces. Black undercoat, Dark Flesh with Bronzed Flesh brushed across the end guys forehead, the ridge of his nose and his cheeks.

Note the [still unfinished] bases - in theory I can use the individual figures for skirmish games (if I ever get round to it!). But as it happened I stuck them down with a bit of PVA, since Matthew was taking them to be passed round the class...I figured it's harder to loose a DBx element than three individual figures...


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