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Kia ora! This site is primarily devoted to encouraging the use of plastic figures for DBx ancient, medieval, musket and fantasy wargaming, with other pages related to wargaming in general and in New Zealand in particular. Sorry about the spelling!

Ok, so what's new? (By the way the index to the site is below)

New page for P20 DBA armys of the world..

Top Links More Links

  • PlasticSoldierReview, The premier 1/72 review site.
  • Plasticush, An excellent rival, and, compliment for PSR.

  • HaT, Everyone's favorite manufacturer.

  • Junior General A great site for junior gamers, with simple and playable rules. Also guides for putting together cheap and easy armies of plastic or paper troops.

  • StreletsR, a prolific Russian manufacturer.

  • Orion, manufacturer from the Ukraine.

  • Tabulae Novae Exercituum, A resource for the development of army lists for use with the ancient, mediaeval and renaissance wargame rules; principally DBM, DBMM, and DBR, but also other rule-systems.
    Generic list proposals intended for use with multiple systems may also be presented.

  • Bryan from Always Model, a figure and kitset seller from Tiwan.,

  • Soldats de Plastique (1/72ème),

  • Soldatini, La recensione della fanteria britannica di Waterloo Airfix, e quella dell'artiglieria russa napoleonica HaT.
  • Fuhrmans, Shows Flügehusaren 17.Jh, Landsknechte 16. Jh, and Samurai.

  • Odemars, Now showing, PF12.German infantry in Yugoslavia, Futures page.
  • Linka, Scale reference. Viking attacking church, (Picture courtesy of Yassine Amraoui).
  • That's only the last three or four. For updates prior to this, click here.


  • Battles Index. A list of battle reports of some of the DBx games that I have played.

  • E.Group. Where you can post messages and read discussions all about wargaming with plastics.

  • Buy. Where you can purchase some of the very figures I'm on about.

  • History. Links to other web sites concerning ancient and early medieval history.

  • New Zealand Wargaming Resources. Listing NZ wargame clubs' addresses and web sites, NZ wargame web sites and NZ wargaming suppliers.

  • Painting Techniques. A few hints as to how I do things, as well as links to other, more dedicated painting and modeling sites.

  • Picture Gallery. Some pictures of my own figures, along with a few from Craig Barkle, David Wallace, Mark Ottley and Tony De Lyall.

  • Plastic Figures. The reason behind this site in the first place. Wargaming With 20mm Soft Plastic Figures, where I cover the pros and fixes for plastic figures (including tips on keeping paint on them), with links to other plastic sites.

  • Rules. An overview of the DBx family of rules (DBA, DBM, HOTT), and also my own science fiction rules (SciFight) for downloading.

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    I hope you enjoy the site, and if you have any questions, please e-mail.

    And now onto Wargaming With 20mm Soft Plastic Figures...

    DBLCHM - Wargamming with 20mm plastic figures Yahoo! e-Group ,
    Collecting, and Wargamming with 20mm plastic figures. A small, but hearty, group of enthusiasts
    thoroughly enjoying the current renaissance of 1/72 plastic historical figures.


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