Airfix Chariots

Re-wheeled Airfix Chariot
Re-wheeled Airfix Chariot

Airfix chariot
Airfix Chariot

The pictures above are of my Ancient British C in C, the below being the stock standard Airfix chariot, the one on top being the same chariot after I had replace the wheels with those from some metal 15mm American Civil War artillery.

When redoing the chariot, I replaced the original balsa base, which was warped due to the effects of the sand and green paint (highlighted yellow) on it, with a cardboard base with model railway flock on it. I think the latter method is not only cheaper, easier and less time comsuming to apply, but also looks better.

Anyhow, the following suggestion was sent to me by Stephen Montague on how to make the Airfix Chariot look, well, better...

Ancient British chariot drivers liked to show off by running up the pole of the chariot whilst it was moving. The driver that comes with the chariot is very boring by comparison. There is an easy way to put this right.

  • Take the wounded figure that is lying down with an arrow in him.
  • Remove the arrow.
  • Glue the figure to the chariot pole.
  • Add reins as these will help keep the figure upright and in place.
  • Glue the reins to the drivers hand that is held across the body.
  • The other outstretched hand could either be left as it is or can have a javelin added.

If you do this you will end up with a more dramatic looking driver.


Thanks Stephen!


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