Imex Ancient British Light Horse

(Actually, they are from Imex's Suiox Indian Pack!)

Imex Horses
Ancient British Light Horse - Revel figures on Imex horses

Upon news of the Imex indians, I went out and ordered a couple of packs to replace my Ancient British horses. Unfortunatly, they are not quite as suitable as I had at first hoped.

The biggest problem is the fact that these horses are just that - they are horses. And big ones at that. Probably quite accurate for what the Indians rode, but they are just a little too big to be considered historically accurate to represent Ancient British ponies (they look a little odd against the chariot ponies). It's not that big a deal though. They are only just a little bigger than the Napolionic cav that they replaced, and then it's only really noticable with one of the poses (the horse sticking his neck out).

Concessions often have to be made when wargaming with plastic figures. You want entirely accurate, then play in metal!!

However, for some reason the reigns on the horses are moulded only on one side (perhaps that's how the Indians did it, I don't know). This is easy enough to get round, just glue some cotton to make the halter and the other reign, and you get a sense of a job satisfaction when it all comes together. But it does take some time.

All that having been said, you do end up with horses that only have saddle cloths on them, with no historically inappropriate tack around. Even if you chop the saddles off Napolionic cav, you've still got that moulded strap around their belly.


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