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Jose Manuel Benitez (Mexico City, Mexico) writes "I think Abominog represents in it's entirety how Uriah Heep adjusted to the 80's style of hard rock and I think that represents one of the best albums that combines the use of guitar and keyboards in a way u know Mick Box is a great guitarist but wie enuff not to bragg about it in a sensless and rythmless way."

Steve Mutch (Manchester, England) writes "All the early stuff is bloody brilliant, a few friends and myself listened to them for years. I haven't bought any Heep stuff since Abominog, but looking at your excellent web pages brings it all back, I'll have to get some new stuff now. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated by us fellow Heepsters."

Bryan Madere (LaPlace, Louisiana, USA) writes "I really thought that this was the second best album ever laid by the Heep (behind Demons & Wiz). I was very fortunate to have been in Germany in '94 to see the Heep (with the low-life Nazareth) and was extremely excited about the band again. I have not bought any cd's in a very long while, but now that I know that the band has recently released one, that will change."

Kunihiro Nakada (Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan) writes "I think Abominog and Firefly are the greatest. Sea of light is also very wonderful and strong. In addition, Night of the wolf on Equator album is my favorite song. I bought all the re-issued CD of HEEP. Many Japnease fans are looking forward to seeng Heep again in near future."

Brad Duren (Oklahoma, US) writes "Another classic Heep album. I remember when I first heard it how blown away I was. I still love it... every note of it. The only song I don't care for is Prisoner. It just lacks something. By the way, don't be so hard on John Sinclair's synths. Compared to other keyboardists of the time, he was restrained!"

Todd Pence (Fairfield, VA) writes, "What a comeback record! After a two-year hiatus, the band shows not only that they can play the style of glam-pop-metal popular at the time, but also do it better than most of the other groups who popularized it. Once again, some of the best tracks are left off (Tin Soldier and Valley of Kings.)"

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