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Whilst I have enjoyed the past 18 months with Heep I feel that my musical ambitions lie in a different direction.


The band had chosen John and I had opposed that decision. He was a good musician and he looked great but I thought he had little going for him vocally. The way that he interpreted songs were totally different to the way I had written them. I could understand wanting to move on but this was like the difference between Black Sabbath and Gino Vanelli. We weren't addressing our basic problems, in that we weren't re-establishing our musical direction and John definitely wasn't helping us to do that.

...They (Blackfoot) asked me to help bring their music into the Eighties.


I didn't really want to leave, I just thought it was maybe time to try something different. I'd had enough of Gerry Bron and the management.

On the train to Tomsk, Siberia, Russia, March 11th 1997

This album is indeed the most controversial of all the Heep albums, and it falls directly in the camp of you either love it or you hate it. On listening back to it, I enjoyed it, but I also felt it was not a true Heep album. Somehow the spirit was not there however much we tried. Some of the songs were good, but still there was something missing and the overall chemistry of the band did not gel. I did not feel so much at the time, but I do now.

Anyway, to those of you that loved it, I hope you enjoy this remastered version plus the bonus tracks, and to those of you that hated it, maybe you can use it to play frisbee with your dog in the park!

'Appy Days

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