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  1. No Return
  2. Imagination
  3. Feelings
  4. Fools
  5. Carry On
  6. Won't Have To Wait Too Long
  7. Out On The Street
  8. It Ain't Easy
  9. Been Hurt
  10. Love Stealer
  11. Think It Over
  12. My Joanna Needs Tuning (Inside Out)
  13. Lying

  1. No Return (Bolder/Box/Hensley)

    I'm at the point of no return
    I'm watching the candle burn - both ends
    There's a lesson we both can learn - this time
    So if you wanna make my day
    There's something you've gotta say
    Now please don't laugh and turn away - this time
    I don't wanna make a fuss
    But this is the time for us
    And I ain't gonna miss the bus - this time

    No return -
    So there'll be no turning back once I know that you'll be by my side
    No return -
    Maybe you'll give me all the love that you always felt you had to hide
    No return -
    I've come a thousand miles across the ocean
    But that ain't half as far as my emotion
    And now I reached the point of no return

    While on my way down the avenue
    I had to stop for a drink or two - or three
    Now not that I was stalling you - for time
    It's just I wanted to feel my best
    And I almost passed the test
    I need your lovin' to do the rest - this time

    No return -
    So please don't ever do what you've done so many times before
    No return -
    Because I've made up my mind that this time I'll make it thru your door
    No return -
    I rode above the clouds so far below me
    But didn't get as high as when you hold me
    And now I've reached the point of no return

    I'm at the point of no return
    I'm watching the candle burn - both ends
    There's a lesson we both can learn - this time
    I don't wanna make a fuss
    But this is the time for us
    I ain't gonna miss the bus - this time

  2. Imagination (Hensley)

    Sometimes I'm certain. sometimes my mind is filled with doubt
    Some thoughts lay heavy here, sometimes I think it's figured out
    Imagination, endless voyage of discovery
    I'm at once impatient and afraid some day you may walk out on me

    At least when you're with me, I'm not afraid to live with mistery
    For I'm sure know how sad one night without a dream can be
    Imagination, bitter-sweet companion as my time flies by
    Love-hate relation, hand in hand toward infinity

    Lead me here, lead me there
    Everywhere if you really dare
    Today, tonight, tomorrow
    You don't have to take my hand
    I'll take it just the way it's planned
    Lead on, speed on, I'll follow

    When you see me coming ,you've gonna know I'm not alone
    Me and my imagination
    We'll be side by side any way the wind is blown
    Love songs and fantasies, they've kept us busy since the day we met
    But each new horizon only reminds us it's not over yet

  3. Feelings (Hensley)

    Feelings, empty feelings
    Prayin', hopin', needin'
    Just when I wanted to hold you
    You're leavin', you're leavin', leavin', leavin'

    I remember those magic nights
    Those nights when it all seemed right
    But I knew tha tby mornin' you'd be gone
    And though tell me that it's not for long
    It ain't easy here holdin' on
    You gotta tell me where I stand

    'Cause either you don't give a damn or you don't even care to pretend
    Or you won't spare a though though you know it must come to an end

    You'd better know that I've made up my mind
    I gotta high of a different kind
    And it's gonna take me where I wanna be
    Sure I'll miss ya but I gotta choose
    You can't believe that I came here to lose
    And you ain't a winner that's easy to see

    So I'll see you around or I'll write
    And I'll send you some love
    'Cause where I wanna go there ain't nothing to do but move

    Feelings, empty feelings
    Prayin', hopin', needin'
    Just when I wanted to hold you
    You're leavin', leavin', leavin'

  4. Fools (Bolder)

    Fools play at games don't you know that fools play at games
    And I know that I'm not afraid of you

    I know this feeling inside has just made up my mind
    I'm gonna take this chance and do what's in my heart
    You always says that you'd stand by me and help me get along
    So understand I must do what's in my heart

    I know this feeling inside has helped me to carry on
    So as the day go by and the nights that never end
    You play the clubs and you play the game
    The next day you will find
    You'll have to try and please that fool again

    Day after day I feel this way that I need to be moving on
    You know I depend on you but don't get my wrong
    I'll throw the dice and play the game and hope we get along
    Even then I won't be fooled again

    So I've read your words and Ive signed my name
    But I can't make up my mind
    If you really care or you're playing your games

  5. Carry On (Hensley)

    What can I do what can I say
    Do I have to stand and watch you walk away
    I know there's got to be a better way
    I just can't go on living for today

    I thought I heard a voice out on the wind
    And I'm sure I heard it say I'd find a friend
    And it said I'd find the answers in the end
    All I gotta do is carry on

    Carry on carry on the time is flyin'
    You need another love maybe another town
    Carry on carry on
    Don't wait until your hope is gone
    When you last chance comes around

    I'm gonna keep on looking I won't quit
    Aggravation, it ain't gonna hurt a bit
    And I believe that I have seen the last of it
    There's nothing left to do but carry on

  6. Won't Have To Wait Too Long (Bolder/Box/Hensley)

    It's a quarter to seven on a Saturday morning
    I open my eyes after the Friday night -
    I don't worry about the rain upon my window
    'Cos where I'm going I know the sun will always shine
    So now I'm heading away down to Rio de Janeiro
    I'll be leaving all my lonely times behind -
    And if I'm looking for love in Rio de Janeiro
    There'll be someone there I know who'll find the time
    In this golden -place, there's a smiling face
    I've got to find
    And I won't have to wait too long before she's mine

    My friends are telling me I'm chasing rainbows
    Or searching for the gold beneath the sea -
    But rainbows only shine when it's been raining
    And gold can never keep you company -
    So now I'm wondrin' what to say in conversation
    To the lady of my dreams that I should meet -
    If I speak to her in the language of all nations
    Then I'm sure that she'd be knocked right off her feet -
    And I know she will, then I'll love her till
    The end of time -
    And I won't have to wait too long before she's mine

    Well I've been happy enough in Rio de Janeiro
    I've got a woman here that I can call my own -
    But it doesn't matter if I'm living here or there
    'Cos she used to live next door to me back home -
    But if you're thinking that I've settled down forever
    I'll be telling you you've made a big mistake -
    'Cos I'll be heading away down to Denver, Colorado
    There's a woman there I've got to try and make -
    She can fill the hole in my heart and soul
    For a long, long time -
    And know I won't have to wait too long before she's mine

  7. Out On The Street (Hensley)

    Out on the street, dead on my feet
    At the mercy of the stone-cold night
    It's hard to compete, in a dead-end street
    With frustration in your line of sight
    Do you ever stop and think
    Do you ever stop at all
    Do you have the time to feel
    And if you do, do you know the feeling's real

    Followed a sign that pointed the way
    And I found myself right back at the start
    I like to feel good, I've tried feeling sad
    But I can't stand a broken heart
    Don't wanna wait till my dyin' day
    To realise
    I guess I'm lucky in a strange kind of way
    'Cause it's clear before my eyes

    A grey cloud they say hides a surprise
    But it rained until I lost my belief
    Just close your eyes and we'll show you the way
    But I believe I've lost my faith
    One man speaks and one man does while another soul wields the sword
    I hear you all but I still can't see just who it is
    Who speaks the chosen word

  8. It Ain't Easy (Bolder)

    You make it all sound easy now you've tasted all my wine
    I never wanted to hear the news that you'd found another man
    But it's hard to see what you want from me
    It's not easy to be in-between
    It's now up to you to make the move this time

    Monday morning's waiting, take a look at what you see
    Make the most of your live, don't keep the pages clean
    Baby, now you've got this chance don't leave me out
    It's so hard when you're in-between
    What you need and what may never be

    It ain't easy when you don't know where to turn
    And it ain't easy but you take the chance
    The final chance to learn, yes to learn
    That it ain't easy when you don't know where to turn
    And it ain't easy, so take a look - another look at life - look at life
    'Cos it ain't what you've got in the palm of your hand
    And it's not what you'll get from another man
    That will last you the rest of your life my friend

  9. Love Stealer (Wainman/Myhill)

    She’s got an eye on you
    There’s nowhere to hide
    She keeps her motives still
    Deep down inside
    She shows no mercy, no
    She plays it rough
    She don’t want your money
    She just wants to love

    Love stealer, raw dealer
    Heart breaker, love taker
    Yeah yeah...

    She walks in the shadows
    As she waits for the night
    She gets what she’s looking for
    She knows how to fight
    If you see her coming
    Then you’d better know
    If your love’s for the taking
    She’ll steal the show

    She just can’t go round there first
    Facing the joint
    Then she’ll move in
    And get right to the point
    So keep your love locked away
    Don’t let it show
    Or the love stealer will rock you
    For more than you’ll know

  10. My Joanna Needs Tuning (Sloman/Bolder/Box/Dechert/Slade)

    I was waiting for somebody this afternoon
    Hope that she remembered our rendezvous
    And when she didn’t show just like yesterday
    I do the last, I’ll find another way ??
    One night I saw the stranger across the hall
    I knew he was the reason why she didn’t call
    I wish I had imagined or dreamt the lot
    But the heart didn’t choose the pain I’ve got

    Now she’ turning me inside out
    Upside down
    And me heart is all a roundabout
    Spinnin’ round

    She’s turning me inside out
    Inside out
    She’s turning me inside out
    Inside out

    Now he’s got all so melt with a diamond ring ??
    And she was thinking through almost anything
    She’s like a shadow going up Seventh Avenue
    But so what, she’s only going where she’s used to
    I just got one thing to say just before I go
    Since he was the offender, I want her to know
    Now ??? I’m watching to ??
    I’ll never raise a thought of what she’d done

  11. Lying (Hensley/Sloman/Bolder/Slade)

    Don’t let love make a fool of you
    Love is ??? tellin’ truth
    Than never any lies
    Came to me by seein’ truth
    In each other’s eyes
    Each other’s eyes

    What can of a fool do you think I am?
    ‘Cos I have no money
    Does it mean I’m half a man?
    You know that I will give you all
    Give you all that I can

    You’re lyin’, tellin’ me what I should be
    You’re lyin’, tellin’everyone it’s me
    You’re lyin’, tellin’ me what I should be
    You’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, lyin’

    Tellin’ lies can only break you in two
    You tell the biggest solo
    What do you hope to gain?
    If I were you then I would
    Try to make amends
    I’ll tell all my friends

    You livin’ a world of dreams
    But it’s too late to change
    Your way of life, it seems
    So you just carry on
    The best way you know how
    You know how

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