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Demons & Wizards

Artist Comments

Ken Hensley 1989 | Mick Box 1995 | Ken Hensley 1995


The band was really focused at that time. We all wanted the same thing, were all willing to make the same sacrifices to achieve it and we were all very committed. It was the first album to feature that line-up and there was a magic in that combination of people that created so much energy and enthusiasm.

...The important thing with Demons & Wizards was that up until that point we'd really concentrated on the European market and it was Easy Livin' that first got us into the American charts, opening up a new phase in our career.

On tour in Germany Sept. 23, 1995

This was a really important album for us, as it really did put us on the world stage. It has since taken us to over 41 countries and with songs like Easy Livin', written by Ken, it made a huge impact and is requested everywhere we have travelled since its release. This album was our first visit into the world of fantasy lyrics and this seemed to capture everyone's imagination. Along with the Roger Dean inspired artwork, we felt for the first time we really had the total package, with the music and artwork totally in synch. We felt on completion of this album a lot of excitement and that things were going to explode for us in a big way; this proved to be correct as we constantly toured places we had previously only dreamed of. This re-mastered CD version is a must for fans old and new and I am still very proud of it.

St. Louis, USA Sept. 23, 1995

People often ask me what my favourite Heep record is and, though it's impossible for me to have one clear favourite, Demons & Wizards will always be special to me. It was a time of great creative harmony iwthin the band and features many musical high points. I can remember this time period very graphically and still enjoy listening to Demons & Wizards, particularly since the CD re-issue lost none of the original atmosphere.

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