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Raging Silence

Artist Comments

Mick Box 1990 | Bernie Shaw | Phil Lanzon | Trevor Bolder | Mick Box 1997


We immediately wanted to get Ashley (Howe) in to produce, but he had some commitments so he came over for pre-production and introduced Richard Dodd to us. He brought a freshness, he brought the live power onto record and I thought he enticed out of Bernie a lot of different styles. I think Bernie learnt a lot from him and I was very pleased to see the whole thing grow. And hopefully that natural growth will be reflected on the next album, too.

...That (the balance between traditional Heep values and new ideas) stems from a conscious search for new ways of doing things. It gets harder but you have to keep striving for that. We're attracting new fans all the time, indeed for some people Raging Silence will be the first Heep album they've heard and then they'll discover that there's a whole history to us.


I've never learnt so much in so little time. They brought a lot out of me that I didn't even realize I had.

...I've only had my passport a year and I've only got two free pages left!


It's now established that Heep will continue to cross borders; who knows, for maybe another twenty years.


The last two years have been the most enjoyable of all my time in Heep.

London, November 5,1997 (Firework Night)

This was the first studio CD that this line-up recorded, and was also the first opportunity we'd had to start writing together. We had toured the USA, and wrote Voice On My TV about all of the evangelists that saturate the television over there, and Cry Freedom was a reflection of our time in Russia. This was about an ice skater at the height of her profession and the best in the country, but she was not allowed to leave her mothercountry to see how good she was on the world stage. When The War Is Over was suggested to us by the producer Richard Dodd, and was originally recorded by John Farnham when he was in the Little River Band.

When I was playing one of my solos, Paul McCartney, who was in another of the studios in the complex, heard my playing and, liking what he heard, put his head around the door to see who it was - much to my surprise. He was really great, and signed loads of autographs for everyone. That was a thrill. I hope you enjoy this remastered version, and always remember to "Hold Your Head Up"!

'Appy Days

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