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Raging Silence

Fan Reviews

Richard & Mark Stowe (Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK) writes "Almost a perfect album,not a bad track on it, and Hold Your Head Up done as good as Argent...."

Brad Duren (Oklahoma, US) writes "I love Cry Freedom and Blood Red Roses, as well as More Fool You. The rest is sub-par in my opinion, and I am one of those who doesn't like Bad Bad Man. This album has too many cover tunes and not enough kick. When I first bought it, I really missed Peter Goalby, as I thought Bernie Shaw sounded like a cross between John Schlitt of Head East and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. I have since changed my opinion of him, but this album as a whole still doesn't do it for me."

Lino Terlati (Savona, Italy) writes "I want only to thank you for your immense site. I like it a lot, I'm a writer for Italian magazines and in article I will do for Uriah Heep I found very important information that I will use. Thanks, my favourite Uriah albums are Return to Fantasy and Raging Silence."

Todd Pence (Fairfield, VA) writes, "Heep enters the nineties and celebrates their twentieth anniversary with a great, solid album. Once again they demonstrate the ability they've kept throughout their career of updating their sound without sacrificing the elements that make it unique. Phil Lanzon is starting to fill the songwriting void left by Hensley, and a lot of creativity and ideas are evident here mixed with some excellent cover versions. The tragedy is that this album didn't receive the promotion it should have in the US. It could have created a whole new generation of Heep fans."

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