Fan Reviews


June, 1996

Spellbinder cover

Overview: Simply the best live album Heep has put out since the classic Uriah Heep Live. The band is in outstanding shape with Phil relying much more on the organ instead of the synths as he did on Live In Moscow and Still 'Eavy Still Proud and Bernie's voice is nothing short of incredible. The production is a vast improvement over those two albums as well, and probably the best of any of Heep's live albums.

It's also nice to hear an old track like the opener that hasn't been played in years thrown into the set. I would love to see Heep do more old tracks, and not just from the Byron era. Circle Of Hands is the highlight for me but every song is very well played. The studio track Sail The Rivers is also outstanding, and is one of the best Trevor has ever written!

There are three weaknesses: 1) Phil's keyboard solo, which is more boring than a drum solo; 2) The total length of live material is only about one hour. Two or three songs could've been fitted in! and 3) A lack of material from the Shaw era - only two songs. The missing numbers should've come from this era. They've written too many good songs since Bernie and Phil joined to not include more from this era.

Still, this is a great album. Nice cover art as well. Grade: A

  1. Devil's Daughter
  2. Stealin'
  3. Bad Bad Man
  4. Rainbow Demon
  5. Words In The Distance
  6. The Wizard
  7. Circle Of Hands
  8. Gypsy
  9. Look At Yourself
  10. Lady In Black
  11. Easy Livin'
  12. Sail The Rivers (Bolder) (studio track outtake from Sea Of Light)