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Richard Sinisi (Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA) writes "This is a killer album. The lyrics along with the smashing guitars makes this album an all time classic. Glad I can listen to it on CD now. I really feel Uriah Heep is a classic band which should have its place with the best."

Katie Murray writes "This album rocks!!!!! Stealin' is a classic single, One Day has great harmonies. If I Had the Time has wonderful lyrics on it. The song Sweet Freedom is one of their best efforts. Overall, an A rating!!!!!!!!!!!"

Scott Fleming (Tamborne Village, Queensland, Australia) writes "What can I say, brilliant album. Favorite tracks include Stealin, One Day, If I Had The Time, and the timeless Sweet Freedom. Great album, from the greatest rock band in the cosmos!!"

Dinko Cvoric (Zagreb, Croatia) writes "It is their worst album in category of their best albums!"

Jan åke Larsson (Bräkne Hoby, Blekinge-Sweden) writes "UH have always been one of my favorite groups. I`m very happy that UH is back in good old form.

The two latest studio albums are great, but my favorite have always been Sweet Freedom, and the big reason that I start lisening to UH were Ken Hensley, one of my favorite musicians ever.

God bless Uriah Heep."

Thomas Ace Bokgren (Gothenburg, Sweden) writes "As been said, after Demons and Wizards and The Magician´s Birthday their next album had to be worse....or...? No, this album really kicks in and stays on top. Some of their best moments are on tape here, like the excellent Circus. Stealin´ and Dreamer (maybe Mick's finest hour and David's superb vocals says it all) and Seven Stars really rocks. Sweet Freedom itself is just something special. The other songs also fits in well to this darker Uriah Heep feel that can be shown on this album. If you haven´t got it, buy it.... one of their truly best albums!"

Roger Gößmann (Schweinfurt, Germany) writes "SWEET FREEDOM is another good HEEP album. Stealin' is fantastic. But I think this longplayer could have been much better (if) they did a bit more work on it. Again it is a good album and has its moments."

Brad Duren (Oklahoma, USA) writes "I always liked this album a lot. The remastered CD of this recording is superb. Pilgrim is a lost classic from this lineup. FYI... my senior class graduation yearbook quotation (1986) was the words to the chorus of If I Had the Time. It continues to be my philosophy of life. Sure am glad I did that!"

Yamanaka Shin (Japan) writes, "Circus is one of the most beautiful songs I ever listened to, though it is not popular. I prefer this song to The Wizard."

Todd Pence (Fairfield, Virginia, USA) writes, "This effort features the blockbuster Stealin', but is mostly uneven. All of the other songs have great individual moments, but most can't sustain them. Hensley may have been at the height of his playing ability here, as he really does some amazing things with the organ. He also plays some of his most beautiful pieces, such as the intro to the title track and the arrangement for I Had The Time. Nice sleeve depicting the band profiled in the haze of a sunset."

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