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Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble

Artist Comments

Mick Box 1990 | Mick Box 1995 | Ken Hensley 1995


The funny thing was we wrote it at the Hamwell Community Centre, Shepherds Bush, and Deep Purple were rehearsing (for In Rock - JP) in the room next door to us. You can imagine the kind of racket we were both making between us!

Sept. 1995 (on tour in Germany)

This was a very exciting time because it was our first visit to the studio to record an album and we went in as a four piece called 'Spice' and came out as a favie piece called 'Uriah Heep'.

With the addition of keyboards to our sound, notably the Hammond organ, and the fact that we had five singers in the band, gave us some very strong harmonies. These traits, along with my developing wah wah pedal technique, enabled us to slowly carve out our own sound which stood us apart from all the other bands that were around in the early seventies. I felt that the songs were all very strong and showed the versatility of the band by recording such a very 'eavy Hammond organ based track as Gypsy which has become Uriah Heep's anthem over the past 25 years and then something 'umble and beautiful as Come Away Melinda on acoustic guitar which was very much part of the Spice set. Come Away Melinda was recorded with a mellotron which gave it a great atmosphere, and to this day David Byron's vocal performance on this song sends chills down my spine. We were very proud of this album once it was finished and felt that we were on to something very exciting that we could definitely develop further. To have it remastered on CD with the original artwork makes me as proud of it today as I was back in 1970. If there was nay doubt at all, yes that is David Byron's face in cobwebs on the front cover and it was done by my good self with a glue based cob-web machine. It took three weeks to get out of his hair and impressed David was not, but it gave us a great cover.

Sept. 23, 1995, St. Louis, USA

Recording Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble was an amazing experience. There was so much energy and excitiement of a kind that could never be re-created. Also, though it is not musically or sonically the best album we did, it will always be special to me. Considering it was our first album, we were allowed to be very free in our choice of songs and it was a giant step in establishing our definitive musical direction. Of course, that helped us shape the personnel choices that would lead to the 'ultimate Heep'.

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