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January, 1971

Salisbury (UK) 
		cover Salisbury (US) cover
UK cover
US cover
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The Salisbury Lineup
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  • Mick Box (G)
  • David Byron (LV)
  • Ken Hensley (K G LV on Lady In Black)
  • Paul Newton (B)
  • Keith Baker (D)

Overview - The sophomore album improves, yet Heep still doesn't have their full direction yet. While an outstanding collection of classic Heep songs, the flow and arrangement of songs lack consistency. Still, a great album. Grade: A

note - American Order:

  1. High Priestess
  2. The Park
  3. Time To Live
  4. Lady in Black
  5. Simon the Bullet Freak
  6. Salisbury

1. Bird of Prey - Was David ever more powerful than on the Salisbury version of this song? This piece has every element of classic Heep. Grade: A+

2. The Park - A lovely acoustical intro leads into David's falsetto. Each verse adds a new harmony vocal to great effect leading to one of the most unique breaks in prog-rock history where a guitar-organ counterpoint alters with silence. Grade: A+

3. Time To Live - Another Gypsy-style stomper with incredible vocals by David. Grade: A

4. Lady In Black - A very simple tune (only 2 chords!) but so Lady In Black covereffectively done. Most bands today can barely handle three chords, let alone know what to do with them. Ken sings lead, his voice perfect for the mood. Grade: A+

5. High Priestess - A stunning intro leads into a wonderfully melodic piece with more of Heep's stunning harmonies. Mick's guitar soars. Grade: A+

6. Salisbury - A major milestone in prog-rock history, this is the greatest of all the epic orchestral pieces ever done. Not Deep Purple's Concerto or April, not Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother, not even the Moody Blues' Days Of Future Passed can surpass this great orchestral arrangement and a masterful performance by the band, especially Paul. Grade: A+
note - There's also a good single edit on
Best Of...Part 1.
Boris Shnitzer (Nazaret Ellit, Israel) writes " my personal fav. The best thing ever done by anyone!!!"

Simon The Bullet Freak - (Bonus track - 'B' side of Look At Yourself) The best blues track Heep ever did. Very loose and simple, this great arrangement ties together Lady In Black with Gypsy. Great lyrics. Grade: A+
note - There are two versions, the other being on The Lansdowne Tapes. I prefer the latter.

Here Am I - (Bonus track released on The Lansdowne Tapes and Time of Revelation) One of Ken's most beautiful tunes, it is reminiscent of Spice with some of Heep's best harmonies ever. This song always sends chills up my spine, with its long, gentle buildup to the heavy, Wishbone Ash-ish break. Great soft and hard guitar work. Grade: A+
note - The Time of Revelation version is the superior version, with a much clearer sound. There are several subtle differences between the two.

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