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Gotta Love Sayo Kotobuki !
Gals !

~Izumi San~ Loves ~Christ~

The Jump5 Fanlisting

~*~Site of the Month~*~

Island Dreamer-My new Kingdom Hearts site ^_^

**News & Updates**

1.3.03 : Hi everyone, I'm sorry for not updating in soooo long, but I've been really busy. Guess what ?? Wer'e switching servers !! DFHQ will now be hosted by the wonderful Arise of shimoyake.net So I'll be getting that setup over the next month. Plus, for the grand reopening Arise has made DFHQ a new layout !! which I'm sure you'll all really like cuzz I looove it !! You can still contact me if u need to. I'm a regualr member @ the SyN BBS & Oekaki so drop me a line ^_^ Welp I guess I better start getting the site going again !! Oh & I made everyone who's a Kingdom Hearts fan a special surprise, I've been making a KH site !! Here's the addy : http://www.island-dreamer.tk Please visit it & sign the gb & the tagboard.


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Site Started April 9, 2002

Next Kiriban is 30,000

**Quick News**

Okay here's the current news :
The next kiriban is 30,000 !!
1)All fan art & fan fics are being accepted now
2)I'm only accepting 30 affiliates right now. I currently have 29
3)Email me if you'd like to help manage my Tomoki site


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