You need to see WHERE things need maps!

Milne Enterprises, Inc. can help.  As you know, many common tasks require maps. Sometimes you need one for yourself; sometimes you need a map to show something to someone else. Your mapping needs can be for anything from the regional location of something, to land use, delivery routes, capital improvement projects, store locations, bike routes...the list is endless.

And the quality of maps can vary from Xeroxed pages of a commercial map, to screen prints off, to line drawings, to beautifully colored custom maps. Maybe your maps have been of poor quality and you would like to move up to eye-catching, information rich graphics. Maybe you have been leaving maps out of your documents that your clients would like to see. Or maybe your mapping needs are different: maybe you need to get answers to questions, and the data behind the maps may hold those answers.

Milne Enterprises, Inc. can help.  We can create those eye-catching, information rich, customized maps. And we can do it with modern GIS software so you can visually discover new meanings in the data that you already have. There are many benefits of using GIS (Geographic Information System) software to create your maps:

  • A set of custom maps can all present the same look and feel throughout your documents. You don't have to put up with a collection of mismatched maps from different sources that can make your hard work look bad.
  • A custom map can carry your logo and contact information, so that even copies made outside your control will refer people to back you and your services.
  • A custom map can emphasize the things you want to look important, or hide the things that get in your way. You can specify the colors, symbols and graphic design you want, and our cartography can give you a unique look to satisfy yourself or your clients.
  • Maps built on GIS platforms, such as those by Milne Enterprises, Inc., can attach geographic information from your database to each line or place. This allows you to ask the map questions and get the answers you need. For example, once a landuse map is drawn, we can easily sum parcels by use, and any changes you make are automatically adjusted. Or, sales data can be queried and compared to other information you have. We can then create spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, or charts for your use.
  • Cartography built on GIS platforms can integrate data from many sources, such as CAD drawings you may have, State of Michigan wetlands data, scans of paper drawings, Excel spreadsheets, census databases, and aerial photos. Almost any data you have can be used in a geographic information system.
  • After completion of your project, we can send you the map files in GIS formats so you can use them for your next project, even if you have the future work done by someone other than us. You save by never having to pay for the same base map twice.

Check out the map samples on the Gallery page. I hope you see something interesting. Milne Enterprises, Inc. can create maps for you covering any area and any subjects. I would love to talk to you about your mapping needs, so if you have any questions, just call me today. I've helped others, drafting maps and working with the underlying data for over 30 years: I think I can help you. - Donald Dale Milne

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