Hello - I plan to emerge from this cocoon to a butterfly! I Know the Lord can help me in this endeavor to be healthier and more of a servant to him, by being stronger with more energy!

I began my journey at 176 on January 1, 1999. I had planned to hopefully be 120 by end of this last year.

Unfortunately I didn't get THAT far - but I have made an entrance to the new millenium 20 pounds lighter, both body and soul!!

Weigh Down Workshop is a new approach that I just began after reading the "Weigh Down Diet" book (buy it here!) over a year ago. March 6, 1999 was my first day on the plan. Eating only when I'm hungry and stopping before I am full, based on the power of God to give me strength and self control, was not hard at all at first. Then got a little challenging but am back on the road. See my journal for more details! I am now reading (buy it here)which has jump-started me in this New Year. I also plan to read (buy it here), a companion book by Jan Christiansen.

Richard Simmons has been one of my most inspirational authors and speakers for many years. Junior high found me watching him on General Hospital and his own television show, and reading his Never Say Diet Book. After my first child was born I did Deal a Meal. Now I am on his newsgroup and was following my own typed version of his Moovin and Groovin cards until I started Weigh Down. I love Richard and will continue to do his workout tapes. My friends on his newsgroup are so supportive even though I'm on a different program now!

My weight loss journal and log, 1999-2000, Weight Journal

My husband and I have two children, one who is an autistic son, 9 1/2 and very very sweet, and my lovable talkative 6 year old daughter. I enjoy writing, reading, web page making, Bible reading, historical/romance Christian novels, organizing charts, and walking. Special hobbies of ours are playing guitar, singing, writing music, and playing many games with our children!

God bless you all.



1999 criscoll@bigfoot.com

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