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Alternative perspectives on the WTC/Pentagon attacks


New York City

  • 11:30a Union Sq: Artistsí performance/action - On the theme: OUR GRIEF IS NOT A CRY FOR WAR. You are invited to participate. We are meeting at 11:30 in front of Barnes and Noble at the north end of Union Square. Everyone should come dressed in black with a dust mask (if you can bring a dust mask, great, if not, we'll have some extras). We will move together at noon to the south plaza where we will hold placards with the "Our Grief is Not a Cry for War" slogans in silence for one hour. All people who work in the arts are welcome to take part, and help scheme on other projects. We are about creating art which will break through this atmosphere of war, retribution and repression. Come on Saturday, or contact us at rnrarts@hotmail.com
  • 4p Union Sq solidarity vigil: Islam is not the enemy, war is not the answer
  • 7-11:30p Joe's Pub: Hip-hop benefit -
  • minimum donation $15* cash at door, 425 Lafayette St. 212-539-8778 - Presented by Joe's Pub in association with Caseroc Productions, Livewire Press, and Lyricist Lounge. Hosted by Danny Hoch & Baby Power. Music by DJ Ski Hi (spinning Soulful Classics & Old School Hip Hop). Featuring: The Ancients, J.Soze, Panamaction, Sheila Anozier, Belinda Becker, bonga, Suheir Hammad, WUNMI, Infinitee, A Guy Called, Gerald, featuring Heather Mabin and More!!!!


  • 12-3p indoor rally: Learn the truth about Palestine, Stand United with Arab and Muslism Sisters and Brothers - Pier 63 Maritime 12 Av. at W.23St. (one pier north of Chelsea pier sports, behind basketball city).

A Call to Join a New Anti-War Coalition: International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) - We join with people all over the world in condemning the horrific killings of thousands of persons in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Our most heartfelt sympathies and condolences are with those whose loved ones were lost or injured on September 11, 2001. At this moment, we would all like to take time to reflect, to grieve, to extend sympathy and condolences to all. But we believe that we must do more. We must act now. (more)

Arab-American Family Support Center Needs Help - NYC, 09.14.01 - Dear friends, We are really swamped here at the Arab-American Family Support Center. We have kids scared to go to school, mothers to scared to leave their homes to buy food for their families. People are being attacked, Arab children have reported this afternoon, teachers who attacked them verbally. (more)

Artists poster campaign - A group of NYC artists has created posters and stickers to oppose war and racism. They are going up in NYC and are being distributed by email across the country and around the world. You can join in by downloading these PDF files, printing them out and distributing them in your area. View and download the posters at this site.

  • Our grief is not a cry for war!
  • ISLAM is not the enemy.
    WAR is not the answer.
    let's work to end the cycle.
    pass it on...

Washington DC

TELL BUSH: NO TO RACISM AND WAR - A Message from the International Action Center - On September 29 we had planned to demonstrate against the Bush administrationís reactionary foreign and domestic policy and the IMF and World Bank. In light of the current crisis, with its tragic consequences for so many thousands of people, we have refocused the call for our demonstration to address the immediate danger posed by racism and the grave threat of a new war. Click here for info on ORGANIZING CENTERS in your area, for travel plans, buses from New York City and other organizing activities.