Lying in dark corners - hugging the walls
They lurk as do hunters - and war cries they call
But deep in their being, inside smoke, soot and coal
They fear for their lives, for their misraeble souls.

They gnaw as does hunger, They cry as does thirst,
(They're good at their trade, Do not think you're their first)
They glare as does blindness, They scream silent words
And will-O-wisps dance to their develish cords.

Their sword is raw hatred, their dagger is fear.
When all hope winks out, at their haunts they appear
Their shield is Your mind, on Your weekness they pray
Your dreams are their kingdom, Your night is their day.

But face them with will power - pay no heed to their game
For they are but illusion - and smoke holds their frame
If you only looked closer, you would see their true form
If you laughed at your fears, You'd disperse of the storm,

For they are within us, of OUR make and OUR clay
WE create them at dusk, WE destroy them by day
So do not surrender, put up a fight,
And if still all seems lost....
Turn on the light.