You have entered the world of the Wolf

The Dream World.

There are three states of existance
For corporeal beings:
A) Submersed in Reality
B) Catching Glimpses of the Other Wolrd
C) Living in Both Worlds

In the state of [A] lives the cat.
Secure in reality, pragmatic, existential.
It lives alone,
No one can touch it And No one can it effect.
A lonely existance, to fit a lonely animal.

In state [B] lives man,
We who glimpse the world of Dreams,
The nether reality,
The place where "I" and "You" become "One"
Where conciousness flows.
Man wishes to touch this state
But can not, as he is anchored in this reality.
A servant to Greed, A slave to Fear.

The Wolf is the master of [C],
The master of both worlds.
The Wolf Dreams its Life
and Lives its Dream
For the Wolf Time has no meaning.
So it does not live in utter fear like us
Fear of loosing,
Fear of dying,
Fear of being alone.
It is truly immortal.

We Humans, we can only catch glimpses of this World
and imagine that state of immortal bliss
We can only long for:
The Dust of Dreams