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sister site!

Bingo player's prayer: "May my numbers be called and my dobber be swift."

"Everyone knows storm troopers can't hit the broad side of the Death Star"--a star wars web site

"Do you mock me, Crichton?"--General Ka D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe, Farscape)

"D'Argo, I mock all of us."--Commander John Robert Crichton, Jr. (Ben Browder, Farscape)

Any page of mine is always under construction!

Somwhere you need to go if you are not on AOL
This is where you can get the IM service for free, even without downloading!

I get ICQ! 40809704

WHAT????? Where did all the actors go????? they are all in my Notebook. everbody is still there, but be sure to check it out. If you want to know when exactly that will be, I don't know, but subscribe to my list, because even the slightest change and I update the list. To cut and paste, highlight the text with the left (lmb) mouse button. After text is highlighted, click the right (rmb) mouse button. Select "Copy" by clicking lmb. You now have it temporarily stored. Go to the current document and click rmb. boom! There ya go!! If you need to reach me, (ie. page links to a non Dsd915 page other than the links in the friends section. It happens. One of these actually linked to a Seinfeld page!! What a typo!) Email me. I put in a guestbook so you can tell me what you do and don't like, but email with questions and comments in the meantime. You'll love the little surprise I've been putting at the beginning of the biographies!! Give me time to put the proper html on the pages, and it will be better. Keep in mind it will take me a while because it takes me an hour per actor per surprise, unless two or more share a birthday. (i.e. David Yost and Nick Cage both born January 7!) Just click on the date of birth for a Dsd915 EXCLUSIVE tidbit! (No other site I've seen has these. For permission to link, email me!)
The guestbook, fav places, slambook, and cyberpal's links are all down there with the mailing lists. (I concede, the actors take up quite a bit of room when they're together!)

Want to see all my guestbooks without going to the pages? click here!

NEW!!!!! Feedback Form! And you don't even have to open your email box!

Nuttier than a Fruitcake!
The site made by me and my cybercoffee!

Bath Pix!!
Yes ou read it right! so go back and click!It's just getting started but I am gladly accepting submisions.

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Coming soon! all my ideas that I have in my head. (some of them will be a while before they get started) I now have an all new Quotes Page, from several different movies. Go see it.

Looking to RPG? click here!
This site does not belong to me. I am however, an active member. (Just aqcuired the identity of Jack on titanicfanrpg), so be sure to stop and visit this excellent site. (If she ever does sliders, yours truly will be first in line to be Quinn!)

Please be patient as I try to figure out how to make this page visible to netscape viewers.

The Official Lionkitty Page!
The Page my Ferocious Lion created.

The Official Studkitty Page!!
The Page fromt he Studtkitty!!

Find out when your fave star will be On-Tv!

Fave Dsd915 page

Our Survey Says....

To see the pages I plan to create in the future, (and other stuff) click my Notebook!

Dsd915 Bio

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This Page Guarded By The Ferocious LionKitty!!

I guess you're wondering what this is doing here. I joined so you would have a direct link to the music recommendations I'll be making. (Don't worry, this place has one of those ten-day guarantee things!)
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