BuTToN YouR DaMN SHiRT: please chris..

in case you didn't see the miss teen usa pageant. or in case you didn't see those pics up at kriselen, or in case you didn't get to meet chris on any of the latest screenings for the biggest fan, you may not have seen chris' new fashion statement.  the 'i'm going to button one button on my shirt, because i'm starting to get abs' statement.  so we all get excited for chris, because he finally decides to work on getting some muscles, but then he goes off and ruins the buffness, by making himself FEMININE...chris..just button your damn shirt!! i mean...greg is REALLY buff, but he doesn't do that!! 

here, not only does he have his shirt undone, but he's got his ice..LoL

PS: did anyone see chris' butt crack on the miss teen usa pageant?!?! i almost saw some crackage...not good chris...not good!!

MANY MORE PICS COMING SOON!!  got a pic to send me?!?! GREAT!