HuMoR: laugh it up

['*arrest me baby

["*holding the belt

['*seein' stars
['*dancing queen
['*concert goers
['*dream street daddies
['*dream street live
['*matt's eyelashes
['*sexy specs

['*chris' hair

['*hornball greg

['*little ds

['*madelyn grace

['*make up

['*matt has muscles

['*show me those muscles

['*big pimpin

['*itz not nice to point

['*strike a pose

['*shameless promotion

['*don't have a car?!

['*check out those shades

['*show me that smile

['*the sucker


['*lip slut


['*chris has abs?!

['*the winky smooch

['*button your damn shirt!

['*chick clothes