i See STaRS: hangin' with the celebrities

besides the fact that dream street gets to travel all over the place, doing what they love to do, while having millions of girls swoon over them, they get to meet tons and tons of famous people everywhere they go!!  check out some pics of ds and some celebs..and also some commentary...come on..what would this site be with OUT my comments?! LoL

3RD FAZE: here we have ds with 3rd faze.  i'm not surprised at all by the fact that greg is standing next to the girl that 'looks like britney spears'...how lucky ARE these chicks?! yah, so now even halie has gone to the emmy's with JESSE...dang her...LoL..j/p..she's SO freaking pretty it makes me sick! haha

AARON CARTER (and a bunch of other people i don't know): if you have great eyes, you might actually be able to see this pic.  here is ds with aaron carter, and a few other lucky people that get to hang out with not just 5 hotties, but SIX...

BNL: here's the guys with barenaked ladies...HAHAHA....oh that's just funny....jesse looks extra delightful i might add...but hey, what's new?

CITY HIGH: here they are with city high...dude, my friend jeremy, he is that dude in the black coat's freakin' twin..scary..haha...looks like claudia does the same thing as my mom...takes pics with a FLASH, in FRONT of the mirror..haha..itz ok, we still love her...::wink::

CRAIG DAVID: yum...this pic is extremely nice.  how cute is this bunch!?
HI FI: here is ds with a band called HI FI.  correct me if i'm wrong, but are these the guys that sang 'flavor of the week'?!  or am i just further convincing you that i AM losing my mind!?

HOKU:  this picture is cute :)  hoku is really great in concert.  i was surprised.  but yah..and her outfit is cute too....

JAMIE LYNN SIGLER: greg looks ESPECIALLY happy in this picture! although the pose kinda scares me a little....LoL

JC CHASEZ: this picture is so sweet.  although JC's outfit was....umm...ODD...(the sparkly pink shirt scared me as much as greg's pose in the JLS pic above..) itz still sweet that he stopped and posed with the guys, and a ds fan :)

JESSICA SIMPSON: hmm...she's like, 'here, let me stick my boobs in greg's face! he'll like that!' and i think he does..LoL...greg is just TOO easy to make fun of in these pics! haha

JESSICA SIMSPON (again): here we have her again...at least i THINK itz her....i'm sorry if you're a fan, she just all the sudden did a 360, and i just think she was MUCH prettier before..

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: geez buddy, would it hurt you to SMILE?!?!  his like, their freakin' idol (cept for matt...LoL) and he goes to take a pic and doesn't even grin a LITTLE.  sheesh...he's only in the position i DREAM to be in...hey justin, wanna trade?!

KRYSTAL HARRIS: this girl seems pretty cool.  i like her song 'supergirl' on the princess diaries soundtrack, but other than that, i haven't heard anything about her.  i do wonder though why it looks like she is SITTING on matt's lap?! hmmm...LoL...oh chris, please, stop it! LoL

LFO: here's ds with, KIND OF, LFO.  you can't really see anything in this pic, but i tried to make it lighter.  i see rich, but other than that, nothin'...LoL just a buncha other people...

LINDSAY PAGANO: here's the guys with lindsay pagano.  i've only heard her song from the AOL commercial, but from what i hear from ds fans, she seems like a pretty cool girl...so i *GUESS* i'll allow her to stand next to jesse...LoL

MANDY MOORE: no comment...LoL

MICHELLE BRANCH: this girl is my idol...she just freakin' rocks, and i think itz awesome that the guys got to meet her.  you guys GOTTA get her CD cuz it rocks!!  (AND, she got SIGNED at a HANSON concert! LUCKY GIRL)

PIKACHU: ok, this is like, by far, my fave pic ever.  ds are the luckiest people in the WORLD! LoL..and is it just me, or does greg look GHOSTISH in this pic?! 

PYT: are these the chicks from the dream street magazine, where the one, like, had her a** all up in jesse's space?! LoL..ok, ok, ok...i don't know them, so i'm gonna shoosh...haha

TONY BENETT: the boys have hit it big now! LoL

WHOOPIE GOLDBURG: here she is showing off her 'fave magazine EVER' right? haha..poor matt..he's all tiny :)

WILLA FORD: once again, i'm sure greg is LOVING this.  LoL...
ASHLEY ANGEL AND JACOB UNDERWOOD: awww...jesse and 2 of the hottest guys ever!  and he's wearing a TUX! how cute! LoL