yes my friends..just when you thought it was crazy that matt had muscles, chris had to go and get abs.  i guess ONE good thing has happened out of this whole 'lack of 'dream street' activity'.  muscles are being made....even GREG is getting BUFFER...if you can imagine that happening..but is the chris we all USED to know...

eh..not much there....that's about what he looked like at the cincy show, when he had to lift his shirt up to show off his ::cough cough:: abs...but then..then a miracle happened!  and THAT, turned into THIS!!

holy my initial response to this picture was, 'um, about you quit touching?!' but then i thought, 'well...if *I* was her, and chris was lifting up his shirt to reveal THAT to ME, then yeah...i guess i would do the same thing'..(so if you're that 'ho' more power to ya sista....even though you look a little disgusted, and you're friend is cracking up...i can hear it now, 'HAHAHAHAHA!!! AHHHH!!  FINALLY!! he has ABS!!' LoL...i'm so mean ::wink::)