a PiCTuRe SaYS 1,000 WoRDS: commentary!

here is where i get annoying, perverted, and 'mean' to dream street....comments on pictures....now let the fun begin...

does he *seriously* think that looks good?!

smiling is SO overrated...i seriously think this is the first picture of frankie i've seen, where he looks MAD....LoL

aww hunny!!  there's no one there!!

well, at least we all know that chris thinks he looks good!!

sooo.....how YOU doin'?!

WHAT THE HELL!??!!?!  frankie...geez....i knew you were italian, but this...this is just too much!!

playing with hangers is COOL

J-E-S-S-E....spells JESSE!!!  yay!!  good job jess!

damn teenies...

i bet YOU didn't know that greg had a role in star trek!

i don't know about you, but i'd definatly be turned AROUND and holding the ladder if i were that guy....LoL

come on chris! flex your muscles!!!!  no, seriously chris!!  flex!!

buzz buzz...jesse the bee!

sorry chris fans, but his stomach REALLY isn't that nice! where's the 6 pack?!

matt's a pimp?!?! nah....LoL

greg, the cowboy rapper...LoL

what the heck is goin' on HERE chris?!?

looks like greg's dream of being john travolta in saturday nite fever, isn't happenin'...although i WOULD like to see him in those pants...

i wonder if the hat makes him a better chess player...

i also wonder how much they actually paid jesse to wear this outfit?!?! are the goggles SUPPOSED to go with the hat?!

yes matty, you do look hot!

the first time i saw this pic, i thought the doll was wearing the same outfit as jesse..kinda scared me that a fan would know what he was going to wear...LoL

yes jesse, itz still there, and it looks VERY nice!!  two thumbs up!

in case you didn't know, chris was a thug back in the day!

LoL...i can read his mind..."WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!" LoL

matt, those are your hands...very good sweetie!!  very good!!

hmmm greg..you don't seem too upset, being surrounded by two 'hot chicks' (as my brother just called them)...silly hornball!

two words for you..'WOAH-NESS!!'

greg is checkin' out some fine ladies, while chris tries not to rub his makeup off..one lucky girl will get that towel..LoL

woah jess..your hand is WHERE?! and you're SMILING. easy boy! we knew you liked your belt, but let's keep it to that in front of the ladies..LoL

see!!  see what i mean!!  he LIKES to be TOUCHED! LoL..that girls face is just, priceless..'OMG SUZIE! I'M TOUCHING GREG!! AHHHH!!!' LoL

ewww..i hate this picture..he looks  like a gang-banging stoner..LoL

woah..comb over is all i have to say..LoL

damn..chris is almost as pretty as taylor hanson...look at the EYELASHES....that bothers me...LoL

woah jesse...she didn't mean to ask you for a picture..really...LoL

geeeeeez greg..(i HAD chris written..what am i thinkin?!)...easy boy...even that fan is scared..LoL...priceless

hmm...i'm confused...lol