CoNCeRT GoeRS: follow these guidelines!

i know a lot of u guys are going to see dream street with aaron carter, and maybe even some other concerts they've thrown in there, so check out this little checklist/guidelines list i've made out for the fans!! 

first, WHAT TO WEAR:

if you are a girl, WEAR A BRA.  please..spare everyone around you!

don't dress like a skank becuz u think jesse and matt will like it. they probably won't, and everyone around u will go, 'eww, look at that skank' me, i've said it myself, and i know other's that have too.  i don't think u want that!!!

a tank top is fine, as long as it covers you, and you aren't falling out all over the place.  i wouldn't suggest tube tops or anything strapless if you like to jump.  i doubt you wanna be hanging out at the concert!!!!

wear something that will make you stand out!!  (see bottom) bright colors, a home made shirt, etc!!


1) a camera!! i would suggest film that is 400 speed, it works good for movement, or so i've been told!! and in case ya didn't notice, dream street dances! LoL

2) your CD cover, or a picture, and a pen/marker.  you never know what might happen!!

3) perfume.  like i said, you NEVER know what might happen! LoL..and if u DO happen to meet the guys, the last thing u want, is to smell...LoL

4) your ticket.  how much would it SUCK if u left your ticket at home?! LoL

and also HOW TO ACT:

have fun in a MATURE way!!  believe it or not, there is such a thing!!


stand up!
talk to fans around you.  being at a ds concert is a GREAT way to meet new people!
sing along! (not so loud that the person next to you can't hear ds, but to yourself!)
cheer at the end of a song...let ds know u love em'!!  (once again, when they're NOT singing!)


stand on your chair.  itz SO annoying to the people behind you!!
hold up a sign the whole time.  once again, SO annoying!!  itz one thing to flash it every now in then, after u give the people a few rows behind u a warning, but itz another to hold it up the whole time!
push people to get to the front.  the people you push? yeah, well, they'll want to hurt you.  trust me, i've been there!!
scream while the guys are singing.  itz SO annoying!!
hurt anyone!!!!!!

i'm sure i'll think of more ways to act later, but unfortunately, i'm not very creative tonite..LoL...but my point is, just be MATURE!!  and have fun w/out being annoying!! itz possible!!  TRUST ME!!!

and lastly, HOW TO HIDE A CAMERA:

a LOT of people have told me that for some of the aaron carter shows, they aren't letting camera's in.  well sometimes the tickets just say that, but the people there have no problem with camera's being taken in.  but to be on the safe side, i have a surefire way to hide a camera!!

if you are a girl, and your wearing a looser shirt, you can always hide it in your shirt, they can't check you there, and if they did, then they're WRONG!!

if you feel like a moron doing that, or if your wearing a tighter shirt, and you don't want people to think you have a lumpy chest (LoL), hide it in your socks, by your ankles, covered by your jeans/pants.  it works EVERYTIME.  i PROMISE you!!  i've done it at least three times, and no one ever checks there!!

but usually, they don't even check YOU.  they will check any bags or purses that you have, but none of the 10 concerts i've been to, has ever checked anything else.  just be sly about it, and don't be obvious that your hiding a camera.  wait until you're ALL THE WAY IN, before you start giggling with your friend that you actually did it!! LoL


i hope my little list will help you guys on your way to the concert!! 

**at the top i said wear something that will make you stand out!!  well, there are many things you can do to make you stand out...below are some of the things that i have done, maybe they'll give you some idea's!**

1) hanson-september 26, 2000- a freakin' huge sign-

we just happened to have first row balcony, so while i was trying to come up w/idea's to make me stand out, here's what we ended up with..(thanks to the TONS of help from the vb team! LoL)

now remember...the whole thing isn't even in the picture.  it was about 12 feet long, and 3 feet took up a whole stinkin' section :)  and that thing in the right hand corner-my phone number :)  i didn't get a call though..dangit...LoL

2) aaron carter-july 19, 2001- a home-made shirt-

i thought maybe my friends and i would be standing out by wearing these shirts, but i guess i was wrong...half of the 8 year olds at the concert (a LOT of them were younger kids!) had home made shirts....LoL..but still, it works! i promise!

3) bbmak-july 22, 2000-a home-made shirt/bandanna

we actually WERE the only people there with home made shirts!! or at least we were the only people we took us about 10 years to finish making these...(we were almost out of paint...haha) but we were too cousins (she's 7...awww) said 'we' mine said, 'love', and my friends said 'bbmak'...we also had home made bandanna's, but i can't take a pic of that, cuz mine got stolen in the bathroom...LoL...losers!

5) dream street- december 29, 2001- home made pants

you don't even know how proud i am of these pants!!!  the 'dream street' is made with sequins, and i sewed on each and every one of the sequins! they are around the bottoms and pockets!! i am seriously considering starting my own concert shop, so i can make outfits for concert-goers...LoL

and although i don't have a picture for it, i did have a hot pink boa around my neck when i had first row center for evan and jaron :) and yah, i DID get noticed! they even talked to me...haha...

hope that helps!!