DReaM STReeT LiVe:  good times, good times...

y'know, last nite i was watching my dream street live dvd, and realized that there are MANY parts that stood out...the dvd is great, and there are some *very* interesting parts in it..so i made a cute little list of all the funny/weird/cute/annoying things that happen in the dvd.....

-let's get funky tonite-
+ when the background music starts, and they are on stage, it drives me NUTS how they just stand there w/their backs facing the crowd.  they did this in cincy, and it drove me insane!!  not to say itz a bad thing to have they're bee-yu-ti-ful booty's facin' in our direction, but the faces would be better to start a show!
+ after they sing 'let's get funky tonite', towards the end, frankie gets this ADORABLE smile on his face!!

-sugar rush-
+ in the beginning, is it just me, or does greg look like he's in serious pain?!
+ this is about where greg starts crouching down in the crowd...the girls go WILD
+ not only does greg pratically lay on the girls, but when he stands up to finish his verse, he does this freaky dance move RIGHT IN THEIR FACES. LoL
+ when jesse sings, 'you make...i don't...you are' he sounds SO fine during 'you are'
+ when they all get together in the group and aren't dancing for the verse, itz SO nasty that chris is like, airing out his arm pits on jesse...LoL
+ after they are all together as a group, but itz still slow and not really that much music in the background, and they show chris singing, i swear he looks like a freakin' frog with those red glasses...
+ greg can't seem to keep his dance moves right in parts of the song...towards the end, he messes it up..but don't worry, cuz he made up for it with one of his notorious naughty dances
+ at the end of this song, but before 'gotta get the girl', jesse can NOT stand still! he is like, pacing back and forth along the stage...that goose...haha

-gotta get the girl-
+ at the beginning, i love it when jesse sings, 'MMMMMMMM you know it feels like a fever'...HOT
+ during the chorus, when jesse is singing, and frankie, greg, chris and matt are in the background doing the dance, and they sing, 'gotta gotta gotta get her', and do the little hip thingy, matt is HYSTERICAL....he gets into it a LOT..you shoulda seen him in cincy..wow...haha
+ during the song, jesse has SO much energy...
+ towards the end of the song when jesse is singing, and he sings, 'hold you tight'...WOW...cute!
+ he also does this sexy arm pointy thing....

-this time-
+ at the beginning, matt does this cute smile, and points to the audience...
+ unlike greg, when matt goes by the audience, he keeps his distance.  it could be becuz half of the girls in the audience are bigger than him, and he's afraid they'll hurt him....all 5 feet of him (LoL)...who knows!
+ during the chorus, watch greg..he can't hold still, and he does these funny little dances...LoL

-i say yeah-
+ during this dance, when they have the 'weh weh' sound in the background (sorry, that's hard to explain) and they do the little arm thingy, it kills me...LoL
+ when itz jesse's part to sing, he walks out all sexy with his glasses...niiiceeee...
+ also when jesse is singing, and he sings his part 'i might not, be special, not like your superman', itz funny cuz he sings, 'supa-man' LoL...
+ when greg gets down to be groped by all the girls in the audience, there is a blond girl that i'm guessing worked there, but she gives him these looks like he's a moron..LoL
+ one word-THRUST....ya gotta love that part...

-someone to hold me tonite-
+ the first time i watched this, i never realized how greg, frankie, chris and jesse were sitting on the side of the stage..i wondered where they were!!  is that just me?! LoL
+ while matt is sitting on the side of the stage, they zoom in on him, and he makes this too cute face!

-they don't understand-
+ in the beginning, when chris sings his 'they don't understand'..how sexy is that??
+ once again, the blond chick gives greg a 'look' when he's down in the crowd...
+ probably one of the funniest parts, is when jesse is singing his part, and he walks by chris while they're dancing behind him..chris almost whacks him right in the face!!  definatly something worth rewinding and watching over and over...haha

-jennifer goodbye-
+ how cute is it when frankie and greg shake hands before the song??   all together now- awwwww!!!
+ greg is such a pimp- when he's about to sing, he says to some girl, 'don't cry!!' then kisses her hand...awww (i'm guessing that was her..haha)
+ the first girl that he brings up on stage, she has her arms around his back..right by that ass...if i were her, i'd SO be grabbin' a hold of that!! i mean, come on, he's practically begging her!!
+ then the 2nd girl that he brings up on stage, he SO picks her up...i'd pee my pants...LoL
+ for this one, keep in mind that jennifer is a SLOW, ballad...and greg is up on the speakers doin' the sexy dance...LoL...rewind this one over and over..itz hysterical
+ once again, enter greg, in the crowd, doing his sexy dance....geez...what's with this kid?? LoL

-hooked on you-
+ i love it when matt and jesse are singing like, at each other..itz too cute!!  my friend (hi sonya!) and i always scream, 'OMG! our men are singing together!' LoL...we're freaks like that
+ when they sing, 'then you turn around and ask me for a ride', i love the little dance move they do with 'for a ride'.  itz like, they're pimpin' it in the car..haha
+ how scared must matt be when frankie and jesse throw him towards hundreds of screaming, half dressed girls?!? LoL

-dream on-
+ am i the only one that wants to see frankie laying on the piano at the beginning??  huh?!? LoL
+ when they're sitting on the chairs, greg and chris have their legs a mile apart...haha
+ this ticks me off-frankie leans down to sing to some girl, and the chick that gets attitude w/greg, actually gets attitude with FRANKIE!!  she like, rolls her eyes at him...grrr..my brother was making fun of me, cuz when i was watching it last nite, i was screaming, 'oh no she didn't!!!!!  not to frankie!!' LoL..u just don't do that...

-feel the rain/rain-
+ am i the only one that thinks itz sexy when jesse jumps?!?!
+ in this song, greg likes to do his shirt of the shoulder thang, along with the sexy dance...
+ i LOVE the 'rain' part....by far one of my fave parts on the dvd...i think is great when they're doing the whole gospel sound in the back, and clapping their hands...cute!
+ during 'rain', at the beginning, when they do that scoot thing in the dance, i LOVE it! i replay it like, 5 times every time i watch the video...
+ when they're singing, and the camera guy zooms in on the hands moving, in slow motion, that's kinda scary...isn't it a little bit twighlight-ish?! LoL
+ at the end, when they do the whole buttshot with the hands in the air...not bad...not bad at ALL!

-it happens everytime-
+ it cracks me up when greg sings, 'where dreams come true', he sings, 'troo-oo-oo...' LoL
+ once again, greg adds his sexy dance
+ when frankie sings, 'alive', he has the sweetest face! i just wanna pinch those cheeks! LoL
+ my FAVE part of ihet, is when jesse sings his part..he comes out from the group all sexy and slow, with this serious face on, then when he sings, 'you know it happens everytime' he gets that little smile...ahh! i love it!! haha

and at the end, when they all grab hands and bow....wow!!! 

-some other things i noticed throughoutt the show-
+ it drives me nuts that the chorus, and background voices, are all oldskool!!  itz all them from the CD, and itz so annoying!!  i'm thinking the 'naughty verse' during 'let's get funky tonite', would be MUCH better if they had deeper voices..i dunno, something about them sounding like my 10 year old brother just kinda freaks me out...oL
+ chris won't leave his freakin' mic alone!! LoL
+ the glowsticks SERIOUSLY need to stop being thrown!!  why buy one for stinkin' $5, just to THROW it at one of them?! doesn't make sense!
+ matt's dancing kills me...LoL
+ during a LOT of the concert, frankie and matt are on one side, and chris and greg are on the other...and jesse's in the middle...well, itz weird to me, cuz i consider chris and greg the horny, ladies men, and i think of frankie and matt as the cute, innocent ones...LoL..i guess jesse's a little of both?
+ when frankie sings, he gives the eyebrow..adorable!
+ not only can chris not leave his mic alone, he keeps tugging at his shirt...he might as well just take it off!
+ i never noticed it before, but after they sing 'i say yeah', chris just keeps on those glasses...i think that's a good thing, becuz i really do think he looked like a frog in those other ones...LoL