HORNBALL: ya gotta love greg :)

maybe you haven't seen dream street live and in person.  maybe you don't own their DVD or VHS.  maybe you live under a rock, and don't even know who dream street is, but you somehow managed to get on my site. i don't know!!  but if you ARE a dream street fan, and you have either seen them live in person, or own Dream Street Live, you will notice a little somethin' special about our friend greg.  and how he is a horny little toad!

when dream street is performing live, greg has a tendency to kneel down in the crowd.  wait wait wait.....let me rephrase that.  greg has a *need* to kneel down in the crowd *of screaming, hormonal girls*.  there, much better :)  if he isn't ASKING for it, then i don't know WHAT he's doing.  i'm not gonna lie.  if i was in the front row and he just happened to kneel down in front of me like that, that's not to say i wouldn't like it...haha

not only that, but he likes to put his foot up on the speakers on stage, and do freaky little dance moves!!!  you can see him and frankie 'practicing it' in the Dream Street Live DVD. (frankie cracks me up on that part..haha..good times, good times)

AND, he likes to taunt the ladies.  during 'feel the rain' he likes to take off his shirt, and taunt them, by screaming, 'who wants it?!' as he dangles it in front of their faces. i think he gets a kick outta hearing the girls scream for him.  heck, I get a kick outta the girls freaking out for his shirt.  LoL.  once again, not to say i wouldn't either, if i was that close!!  but then, after he throws his shirt, we are left with greg, and all his buffness, standing there...sweaty, and in a tank top.  glorious.

i find it hysterical how he walks around with his shirt off his shoulders, and with that sexy look like, 'i'm the man'...observe:

and THEN, we have that hunk of hottness, struttin' his stuff in the tank top. (who invented the tank top anyway?! cuz they're freakin' geniuses.) but not only do we have the wife beater, but we have a shot of that LOVELY stomach, which personally, i think he should show off more often.

and then. above all.  we have a combination of one and two.  the shirt off the arms, AND the stomach:

SO.  in the end, we have greg.  the guy who likes to taunt the ladies, who can't keep his clothes on, and who likes to kneel down in front of screaming teenage girls.  i love the kid with all my heart, but even my MOM said, 'geez, that boy is a horny toad!!'.  (WHICH, by the way, i thought was hilarious..LoL)  we can't blame him.  he IS a 17 year old GUY, with thousands of girls screaming at him wherever he goes...oh greg...ya gotta love him. :)