MaDeLYN GRaCe: let me tell ya

can i just tell you how i got into dream street in the first place?! here goes....

i was babysitting my cousins in Cincinnati for the week, while my aunt was at work, and i was visiting.  one day, i was in their kitchen, washing up some dishes, when i heard my 7 (then 6) year old cousin madelyn, scream 'OH MY GOD!!!!'  thinking she had cut off her finger, or fell off the couch and was bleeding to death, i ran in their to save her life.  but she wasn't bleeding from her head, and all 10 fingers were still there.  instead, she was dancing around the room to the music that was on tv.  i looked at the screen and immediately thought to myself, 'oh crap.  another boyband'.  'who are these guys?!' i asked katie, who is 8.  madelyn seemed to be too engrossed in the commercial, so i didn't dare ask her! 'they're dream street..madelyn is OBSESSED!'  i couldn't help but laugh at her jumping on the couch, and doing the dance, as she sang along to 'it happens every time'.  when the commercial was over, and madelyn calmed down, she informed me that dream street 'ROCKED' and that she was 'marrying chris, cuz he's SOOOOO cute!'

later in the day, after we saw the commercial for the 2nd time (madelyn wouldn't let us turn it from nickelodeon, becuz she was afraid she'd miss the commercial....LoL) she *begged* me to get online w/her to print out some pictures.  so, me being the lovely cousin i am (LoL) i got online with her on one leg, and kate on the other, and we looked for pictures and information on jesse and chris, since they were just 'sooooo adorable!'.  when they left the room with their pictures, to go upstairs and hang them on their bedroom door, i kept online and looked up some information on them.  heard a few of their songs online, found out they had been on tv and broadway, looked at a few pics of what they looked like now (completely different then the commercial! i think we ALL know that one!) and i was hooked!!

so all thanks to my beautiful cousin madelyn, i am now obsessed with these 5 guys in a silly boy band.  haha...the picture below just brightens my day!!~>

we got madelyn the dream street CD for christmas, and she was running around the house screaming, 'THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!' at the top of her lungs...she didn't even want to open the rest of the presents, just listen to the CD!!!  the girl is HILARIOUS!! 

a few more things about madelyn and 'her boys'.....

-a few weeks ago, she was sitting on my lap, and all the sudden insisted on watching my dream street CD, so we could see the video of them singing 'i say yeah' (which SHE likes to call 'the spacey song'...LoL).  so we walked downstairs and let it load, and when they started singin' and dancing, the girl was in HEAVEN.  i just had to watch her! she was sitting there singing along and dancing! too cute!!  anyway, all the sudden she shreiks...i'm like, 'what?? what madelyn?!' and she said, 'i'm sorry anna...chris was just SOOOOO hot there!"

-one day we were talking, and she informed me that i could have chris.  becuz he's too old for her.  she said, 'anna, when he's 26, i'll be like, 22'.  she said it so matter-of-factly....i said, 'madelyn, hun, when he's 26, you'll only be 16! that's how old i am!' and she said, 'SEEEE!!  it would NEVER work out', and she had this hurt look on her face.  then she said, 'nevermind.  i love him, and he loves me, and love doesn't care how old you are!'...i almost fell out of my seat...LoL

-you should see the girl do the dance for ihet.  i swear she knows the whole thing step by step!

-she told me over the summer, when the commercial was playing, that she had tried to order the CD, but she couldn't write the phone number down fast enough, and she tried, but didn't know how to get 'mommy's credit card to work'.  my aunt just LOVED that one!

-don't try to tell her that frankie and greg aren't brothers.  LoL...she says, ' me...i KNOW them.  they are brothers'...when i say, 'no madelyn, they're not! i promise! they have diff't last names and everything!" she says, 'do you want me to call my HUSBAND chris, to find out?!' LoL...(my aunt says itz CRAZY how much we're alike!)