MaKe Up??: not just for chicks...

ok, i found this picture, and for some odd reason, it struck me as funny..maybe itz the fact that it looks like chris is loaded with make-up?! maybe their make-up artist went a little crazy, i don't know, but just look at the pic, and tell me what you think....

remember...i did NOT edit this picture at ALL..that's how i found it...he IS rather pretty don't you think?!


ok kids....i know you're going to think that this is just insanely disgusting (well, i did...LoL) but it just adds to the site...LoL

if any of you out there, doubted my thought of chris wearing make up, i've found proof...a friend of mine IMed me and sent me this picture that a fan had saved....a picture of chris' towel from one of their concerts..... come on guys...that's just WRONG....LoL


now this seriously scared me...i just bought the M mag, and in it, there is a cute little journal thing, full of dream street pictures...and i'm flipping thru them, enjoying the SMALL picture of the guys playing basketball, shirtless, in the pool, and also enjoying the pic of jesse with billy gilman, and then, i look at the top of the page, and there is something that freaked me out a little...well, freaked me out a LOT...and it was this-

hey, i guess everyone needs to cleanse their skin every now and then...LoL...i'm glad that m put this in their magazine, cuz it seriously made my day...LoL

a HUGE thank you to kiana for scanning this picture for me!!  she's such a sweetie! so thanks kiddo!!


ok, i just found this on the internet somewhere, and it made me think back to this page...

chris' favorite time of the day :) i can hear it now, "now sally, remember, i'm an AUTUMN...browns accentuate my cheek bones...and that other foundation you used, just TOTALLY dried out my skin..."...LoL