MATT has muscles?? heard it...matt has muscles!!  i know, i know! i never thought it was possible! my buddy brandi (you know, the girl that signs my guestbook every week...LoL) IMed me the other day and said, 'anna, you have to see these pics of matt w/out a shirt on!' and i said, 'oh geez, he's prolly REALLY skinny'.  because come on, you know you would have thought the same thing!!  and so she sends me the pics, and i am EXTREMELY surprised!!  he's no greg, but hey, he's gettin' there!  so, if you live under a rock,and you haven't seen these pics, enjoy :) they sold on e-bay for over $120...crazy!

when i first saw these, i did a double take...i didn't think he was wearing pants...LoL...silly me!